Monday, January 06, 2014


I had a lot of fun experimenting and getting into the swing of shooting more outfit photos in 2013. It was a great way to keep myself accountable to taking time on myself, exploring my style, and working on being creative with locations. It was also SO helpful and wonderful to have naturally gifted people like Jenny and my husband Jon shoot most of these for me!! I'm so thankful!

To be honest, I'm currently sitting in my bed, 36 weeks pregnant and wondering if I'll be able to pull myself together for anymore outfit photos before baby comes. I'm feeling like big, cozy clothing and PJs from here on out. ;) I've also been defaulting to one "going out" outfit at this point since my tummy has been breaking loose from most of the tops I own. ;) We'll see what happens this month! In any case, I'll be sure to get back into the swing of posting outfit photos a little after Soren is born. :)

Enjoy some of my favorite outfits of 2013! 

1// Pinkblush maternity 2// Fall is in full swing. 3// My fall colors. 4// Peaches. 5// Hello Austin. 6// Minnetonka summer lookbook. 7// Maiedae Mixer. 8// Polka Dots. 9// Loft light. 10// Near the Riverwalk. 11// Favorite maxi shirt. 12// In Greenville

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