Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Hello, beautiful friends! We are SO excited to be finally sharing something special with you that has been in the works since last year. We've been waiting and hinting at an exciting Maiedae announcement here and there but are finally able to make it official and share this journey and exciting news with you, our amazing readers!!

As you know, Maiedae got its start back in 2010. We started out as a small, handmade shop and over the years grew into a full-time graphic design business while also maintaining our own personal blogs. In late 2013, after the excitement of realizing we were going to be able to share our pregnancy/motherhood journeys together, we got to chatting about Maiedae and how we envisioned it after starting our families. From the very beginning, Maiedae was created with the hope and dream that we could be at home with our families and continue to do what we are passionate about AND work together! So far that dream has been a reality and now with this new journey in our business it will bring that dream into a reality even more. SO, what's this big announcement? :)

In mid-July we will be launching a brand-spankin-new Maiedae site!! I don't know if you realize but we currently have SIX different Maiedae related sites. It's a little crazy. What's so exciting about this new site is that you will be able to access everything Maiedae in ONE single space. Blog, Maiedae Mixer, Shop, Graphic Design...everything and more! This means more incredible content, updates about everything Maiedae related, and information about graphic design all in one location! With this new site launch we will also be re-branding Maiedae with a new look so everything will be cohesive and work together beautifully. We are SO excited, can you tell? ;)

One of the biggest changes of this new launch will be the blog. We will no longer be posting on our current blogs. Although they will still remain available for their archives! Instead, we will be running our Maiedae blog together! -- This is something we've thought about and discussed over and over again and feel such a total peace and excitement about! Although it most certainly will be bittersweet to leave this space and start a whole new adventure, we are feeling so inspired and excited about this new journey, and we are so excited to share this journey with YOU!

What will the new blog be like? After many coffee date conversations and holding our little ones while sitting on the living room floor, we felt like the most appropriate thing to blog about would be what we know and what our lives are involved in on a day-to-day basis. Our blog will be filled with inspiration, hands-on projects, tips and tools to inspire a balanced and honest life for you, your family and your home. We will be exploring and sharing our adventures in motherhood, fashion, baby, home, beauty, wellness and living a creative lifestyle. Each topic will be brimming with DIYs, honest advice, reviews, fun tips, our experiences and beautiful photographs. We have pages and pages and pages of ideas and we can hardly wait to get started!

Please join us for our exciting new site launch and adventure in mid-July! We will be hosting an insane launch week giveaway with tons of discounts and prizes to celebrate! :D As well, we want to sincerely thank you for being such an amazing support and encouragement to us. Maiedae has been such a huge passion of ours for going on four years and we are so excited to see what this new adventure brings. THANK YOU for being part of Maiedae, you are truly the best and so amazing! We hope you'll join us on this new journey in July!

Lots of love,
Savannah & Jenny

PS - We realize this is a new, big, and exciting change. If you have any questions related to our new site please feel free to leave them in the comment section below! We would be happy to reply! In the meantime, we will continue to post on our current blogs until the launch of the new site in July. :)

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