Monday, June 09, 2014


Hello, friends! I'm back from my trip to the mountains! I decided to really un-plug during my time away and just focus on my family, resting, reading, napping, was so wonderful. I have really started craving and loving my "un-plugged" time. I'm trying to train myself to not get so uptight about my inbox or "keeping up" with various social networks. I love being part of this community, staying inspired, and sharing my life, but taking time to step away each day--and sometimes a week here and there--is so wonderful! I love soaking in this time with my family and friends. :)

Jenny just started working again after being on maternity leave for a month. I'm so excited to have her back and stoked about working together again! -- Also, we have an EXCITING announcement about Maiedae coming tomorrow! I can hardly wait to share! I've also got a really fun giveaway coming up this weekend too! Yeah! :)

Snapshots of the Week: 1// Maiedae Mixer tickets are NOW on sale!! Are you a creative woman? Do you run a blog, site, business or just love meeting new people? We would love to see you there! Limited tickets available! 2// Our view at the cabin. 3// We went on vacation with Zach and Leah and they brought their new little bird, Dovi. He was so sweet! 4// Our nighttime routine with Soren is my very favorite.

Favorite Posts/Pins/Articles:
* Love these homemade baby food recipes.
* Such a helpful chart for baby development and milestones!
* Perfect trendy and simple nail art.
* Oh my, yum!

Inspiring Me this Week:
Our AC is broken! We are getting it fixed this week, and I'm itching to do some more home improvements and work in our yard. I'm also trying to learn about plants so I can keep them alive in our home and garden. :)

3 Things About Yours Truly:
* I've been seriously thinking about going super short with my hair...I can't decide!
* I love running a home budget.
* I really want to learn more about essential oils.

Question of the Week:
What is one new thing you really want to learn more about? Also, what is your favorite non-fiction book?

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