Wednesday, June 11, 2014


On Saturday we got back from a week in the mountains. Jon and I were celebrating our 4 year wedding anniversary with Zach and Leah who were also celebrating their 4 year anniversary! We are definitely the "stay-cation" type, so the idea of staying in a cabin for a week, cooking our own food, relaxing, and taking it easy was right up our alley!

We drove up to North Georgia and rented one of those amazing vacation rentals (which is the best!) We also brought Soren along, which was a new adventure. This was our first big trip with him and he did really well! We had one little melt-down on the way to Zach and Leah's but he mostly napped during the rest of the drive and was great at the cabin. Going out and about with him more makes me so much more confident in taking him places!

I've been trying to really unplug a lot lately and that's just what I did on our vacation. I left my phone and computer in our room for the most part and just checked a few things here and there or used my phone to read books from my kindle app. It was just what I needed and so wonderful. I get into such a bad habit of checking my phone for the sake of checking it and wasting precious time. I'm trying to learn to just look at it during certain times of the work day and essentially putting it away after work and on the weekends. My heart is to be "all there" for my family and enjoy all of these moments. :)

To sum it up, it was such a laid back getaway and just what we needed!!

PS - Also, thank you all SO much for your incredible words of encouragement and support about our announcement yesterday. We have been so excited about this new journey and we can hardly wait to launch the site in July! 

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