Wednesday, May 16, 2012

THREADS 5.16.12

My darling sister took these pictures for me on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Thank you, sister! This is such a "me" outfit. I love mixing patterns, textures and layers, feeling comfortable, and throwing in a dash of my favorite accessories.

I finally broke out my ombre sparkle dress. It was a little much to have the full sparkle dress so I slipped my favorite pleated skirt over it to give my outfit just a touch of shine. :) Roots and Feathers is quickly becoming my favorite jewelry shop. I am in love with Laura's beautiful, bohemian inspired pieces. I'm wearing a custom single feather earring and arrow necklace by her. Her pieces fit into my wardrobe perfectly...and there's just something about her handmade stuff; it has so much spirit! I love reading Laura's blog, too. I think that's why I feel such a connection to her jewelry. They are very special pieces to me. :)

I'm so anxious for the weather to shape up here in Atlanta. I've got some summer dresses waiting to make their outdoor debut! --- On a total side note, my best friend is getting married next month!! She is having a gorgeous wedding outdoors at a barn in north Georgia. I'm so in love with her venue. I can't wait to wear my minty chiffon bridesmaid dress and coral pumps on the big day!


* Single Feather Earring - c/o Roots & Feathers
* Arrow Necklace - c/o Roots & Feathers
* Ombre Sparkle Dress (worn as a top) - Nasty Gal
* Chunky Cream Top - Forever 21
* Braided Belt - Thrifted
* Pleated Skirt - Thrifted 
* Oxford Heels - UO
* Shoulder Bag - Target
* Sterling Silver Rings - Foundling
* Brass Hing Ring - Forever 21
* Fox Ring - H&M
* Lapiz of Luxury Nail Color - Essie 


  1. you get prettier with every outfit post im convinced! i love the way you styled them, and that sparkly ombre dress, oh my goodness! i want to see the whole dress sometime. lovely outfit. lovely photos! your sis is a great photographer!

    1. Laura you are so sweet!! -- And yes! Soon, I'll rock the whole dress!

      Thank you for making such beautiful things.

  2. I agree with Laura! You look so great! I love how you put the whole outfit together! The skirt, the shoes, with the sparkle dress as a top = perfection! :)

  3. I love your hair! I'd like to see a hair tutorial. It's so lovely!
    And I'm sure you've heard this a million times but those shoes are gorgeous.


    with love from Mademoiselle Meese

  4. That's beautiful! And I can't wait for summer either! I just came back from a tropical trip, so this weather here at home is a bit of a bummer... I hear good things about next week though:D

  5. I love love the shoes!

    Amanda Rose

  6. I really love the outfit!
    What lipstick are you wearing? It's beautiful!

    Love, Saar.

    1. It's Poppy King for J. Crew. A friend bought it for me. :) I think there is just one color that's supposed to work for most skin types. :)

  7. You look gorgeous as always! I love the mixing of the prints and textures :)

  8. I love that ombre top, it's amazing! I also love the idea of colored shoes for a wedding so make sure to post pictures so we can see! Thanks for some beautiful photos Savannah!


  9. Your sister has an incredible talent with a camera!! Your outfit is really lovely, I love your collection of rings =)

  10. Absolutely gorgeous from top to bottom! The outfit is amazing, the shoes are killer, and Laura's jewelry is stunning. You look beautiful!

  11. This post makes me super happy since I ove both you and Laura. You girls have such wonderful personal style.

  12. I love your hair color!!!!!
    Great earrings!

  13. love this glittery, sparkly dress!