Sunday, May 13, 2012


Happy Mothers' Day to all of you mommies and mommies-to-be!! It's so exciting to see some of my friends who are expecting their first baby celebrate Mothers' Day. Jon and I have had the "baby talk" a lot recently. We've been trying to figure out some of the things we'd like to accomplish before we start trying and when we think will be a good time. We are so excited about being parents one day. It's mentally become something we are feeling more and more ready for, but we know we're just not at the right place...not just yet. And tomorrow is a big day!!! Jon and I will be celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary!! We celebrated by going to Orlando and we'll probably do something simple and special for our date day on Wednesday. :)

Snapshot(s) of the Week: 1// Poppy King lipstick gift from Emily! 2// Kaito & Kyo waking up from their daily napping time. 3// Finally hung up my necklaces! 4// Little fox ring.

5 Favorite Posts of the Week:
* Share Wear by Lune Vintage
* New Shanna Murray by Design*Sponge
* Crown of Braids by The Beauty Department
* An Afternoon with Succulents by Vanilla & Lace
* Art for My Home by Paper Crowns

Favorite Blog of the Week:
* Busy Bee Lauren -- Lauren is HILARIOUS. I love reading her posts. She's always got me laughing, and her random thoughts posts are works of art! :)

Inspiring Me This Week:
* My Dining Room Pinterest Board -- I've been planning out my furniture and decor for my dining room when we move in August. I'm SO excited!!!

3 Things About Yours Truly:
* I've sneezed 47 times today. Somethings in the air. :-/
* This weekend, while working out and writing blog posts, I watched Easy A, Crazy Stupid Love, and House Bunny. Like Emma Stone much?!
* So blessed and inspired by your comments on my first Wellness post!!


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely week! Can't wait to see some future posts! :)


  2. I am so glad you and Jon had fun in Orlando! Congratulations on 2 years, if seems like it was just yesterday that we could have been walking around yellow river game ranch, and watching wedding movies on the week of your wedding :)

  3. I LOVE Emma Stone :D

  4. Anonymous14.5.12

    Thank you for introducing me to a new blog. Lauren of Busy Bee Lauren is hilarious. I loved her picture of the baby wearing a fake mustache for Cinco de Mayo

  5. I love Emma Stone! This is my first time visiting but I love what I see so far!

    Amanda Rose

  6. Beautiful cats!!Love them!

  7. Aww, thanks Savannah! So happy you liked it :)
    Kaito and Kyo waking up is THE sweetest thing.

  8. Anonymous14.5.12

    I love that new lipstick color Savannah! And Emma Stone is a goddess, especially in Crazy Stupid Love, I cannot get enough of that movie. Hope you have a wonderful week :)


  9. Anonymous17.5.12

    Happy 2 year anniversary :)