Monday, May 14, 2012


Today is a special day!! Jon and I are celebrating two wonderful years of marriage. :) We have loved being married, learning new things about each other, and challenging ourselves to grow individually and as a unit. One of my favorite things about our relationship is the fact that we truly love to support each other in our personal passions. We love learning to be a great team by figuring out our strengths and weaknesses. We love knowing that together we can work through any trial. In so many ways, we've grown up together, and it's such a joy to see where we are now and how we've grown in love towards each other. I'm looking forward to building a wonderful third year of marriage and seeing what's in store for the future. :)

Our hearts are going to continue learning to love and serve each other by striving to be great spouses for one another. Our goal is to always "work" on our marriage, seek growth, and to never be content with being stagnate.

Special Memories from Year Two
* Going to a beach wedding.
* Celebrating Thanksgiving at the Moses'.
* Adopting Kyo.
* Visiting with our families on Sundays.
* Celebrating Jessica (Jon's sister) and Josh's wedding.
* Kicking off 2012 with dear friends.
* Celebrating 7 years of dating//being together.
* Hosting 7-11s and holiday celebrations with friends.
* Spending a peaceful weekend in Rome, GA, at a Marriage Retreat.
* Supporting and loving each other through the passing of Jon's grandmother and having great conversations during the 3 trips to Mount Pleasant, SC.
* Finding out Jon's sister is having a baby!
* Making huge progress in paying off our student loans.
* Watching our marathons of TV shows cuddled up in bed.
* Vacationing in Florida.
* Taking care of each other through a broken foot, surgeries, and sickness.
* Working together to design and develop the new Maiedae website.
* Taking weekend trips to Rome to visit Zach and Leah.
* Double-date nights.
* Lazy days with NO schedule plans.
* Deciding to move to a town-house in August.
* Date night every Wednesday.

Music from our Wedding Day
* First dance song: I Remember by Whitley
* Bridal party song: The Girl by City & Colour
* Ceremony song: Thinking, Drinking, Sinking Feeling by Slow Club
* Walking down the aisle song: Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros

Cheers to a wonderful year two!! I'm so honored to be married to such a wonderful and loving man. To say I'm crazy about him would be a huge understatement. ;)


  1. Congratulations to you both! This is such a beautiful post :)

  2. oh gosh, i love that last song by sigur ros. one of my favorites.
    congrats and beautiful pictures


  3. aaww, happy anniversary to you & your love! xo.

  4. Anonymous14.5.12

    Congratulations on your anniversary. I only hope that one day I find a man and relationship like yours.

  5. That is SO cool that we have the same anniversary date! May 14th is a great day to celebrate love :) This post is absolutely beautiful and really resonates with me. You and Jon make a beautiful couple. And your wedding music choices abosolutely rock.
    Happy anniversary and lots of love :)

  6. Anonymous14.5.12

    This is such a sweet post. I feel the same way about my boyfriend, who I've been with for 6 years! :) He helps me with the design of my site too, as much as you can do with Wordpress at least. Happy Anniversary to you both! :)


  7. My gosh! I love the list of things that you've done!
    I cannot wait to marry my love!
    And Sigur Ros?! Yes, please! I adore them so much!

  8. congrats! what a sweet post and reason to celebrate! here is to another 2 years x 30 :)

  9. Happy Anniversary! Beautiful photos.

    Amanda Rose

  10. happy anniversary! These photos are so beautiful

  11. what an amazing song to walk down the aisle to!! very beautiful! I'm sad i didnt follow your blog back then!! maybe ill be digging through your archives tonight. your wedding looked enchanting!

  12. Aww, so sweet! Congratulations! Your wedding photos are BEAUTIFUL. Did you do a blog post about your wedding?

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