Saturday, February 04, 2012


On Thursday, Jon and I took a half-day at work and left after lunch to attend a marriage retreat in Rome, Georgia. We loved being able to reflect on our marriage, spend intentional time together, and get away from the busyness of life and our routine at home. We came back this afternoon, and even though I'm coming down with some icky bug, I'm feeling refreshed in my personal life and in my marriage. :)

I try not to be too mush-mush on here, but I'm seriously crazy about my husband. ;) We have nothing close to a perfect marriage, but I am so thankful and honored to walk hand-in-hand through the trials, best of times, and everything in-between with him. Love that man!!

The Winshape Retreat area is seriously one of the most beautiful places in Georgia. I didn't capture nearly enough pictures of the retreat area, but here are a few quick snap-shots:

In a classic Jon and Savannah fashion, as soon as we got home, we snuggled up to our latest show obsession. Sadly, we finished the last few episodes of Firefly and topped it off with watching the follow-up movie, Serenity. So good. I really love watching shows with Jon, but it makes me so sad when they come to an end! We are trying to decide what our next show will be...any suggestions??

Well, my mission for the next two days before my (almost) 2 week business trip, is to rest up and kick this sick bug in the arss so I can be well and do good work! 

Be back tomorrow with a weekly wrap-up. :) Hope you have a wonderful evening. 


  1. Anonymous4.2.12

    So glad to hear you feel so refreshed from your retreat - even if you're not feeling so hot physically. I hope you feel all better soon, sweet Savannah!

  2. If you guys are still on a Joss Whedon kick after "Firefly" (which I love) give "Dollhouse"! It's so good too! Or you could go old school and watch "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" and "Angel".

  3. M boyfriend and I just finished watching "United States of Tara" on good!

  4. oh I love this! looks like a great retreat. as for bf and I are obsessed with Mad Men and Arrested Development :)

  5. Anonymous5.2.12

    aww.. you guys are a lovely couple wish you the best of fun on your getaway :)

  6. Anonymous5.2.12

    you should go with pan am next.. it's ongoing so you've only got a few to see but it's a weekly treat while mad men is still to air :)

  7. have you already watched White Collar? That is our latest show obsession ;)

  8. I was gonna recommend the same thing as Amanda; my husband and I are also watching United States of Tara and loving it! Another one we got hooked on was It's always sunny in Philadelphia :)

  9. my hubs and I did prepare to last retreat there 4 years ago. It's so amazing! Want to do a marriage retreat now that we are official!

  10. Anonymous10.2.12

    My fiancee asked me to watch Firefly and Serenity when we first started dating, as it was his favorite. It is a great series (why did it have to end??) and it will always hold a special place in my heart.

    I mean, our dog's name is Washburne, after all :) (Firefly pun!) Also, Downtown Abbey. I swear by it.