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Hello, MaieDae readers! I am so honored to be a part of this amazing series today. I was excited to share my experiences in blogging with you all for so many reasons, but most of all, because blogging has presented me so many different opportunities to follow my dreams and maybe it can do the same for you as well. A year ago, I started Scenic Glory for fun, 4 months later I was able to put my 2 weeks notice in at my 9-5 job to work at home full time. Getting up in the morning has never been easier and never have I been so inspired. :)  P.S. Thank you, husband, for being my number one supporter.

1. Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. --->  I read that saying soon after I started my blogging journey just one year ago. It is a saying I have never forgotten and one that I have always held close to my heart. With blogging, I think it is easy to lose yourself, get discouraged, and everything in between. When I find myself starting to feel this way, I know it is time to refocus...remember the reasons I started blogging in the first place and get back to that happy place. Keep in mind, your readers love you for you, not because you are the next blog in their reading list!

2. Stay  motivated! ---> I recently went through a period of about a month or two where I severely lacked motivation and my readers could tell. I received several messages throughout the week from some of my most loyal readers wondering if I was okay and if I had fallen off the face of the planet. At that moment, I realized I needed to make a few changes for the better. When you find yourself in a similar situation, go back and remember the times that you felt your corner of the blogging world was at its best...why was it this you want to keep focusing on that? Or perhaps new content and inspiration is what you need. Whatever it may be for you...just find what makes you happy. In the end that is what is most important.

3. Take a breather every now and then. ---> Okay, this may seem contradictory since my last piece of advice was to stay motivated. But it is possible to take a break and still remain motivated. When I first started blogging, I quickly found I spent too much time working on posts, blog hopping, checking emails, tweeting, etc. I then realized that too much of this would completely drain me which would result in a lack of interest rather quickly. I'm a strong believer in balance and when I saw that I was missing this, I made the changes that made sense for me.

I stop working on the computer the second my husband gets home from work and I give myself the weekends off. Find what works for you and your schedule and take some time off. The second I did this for myself, I found I was more productive and creative. Perhaps you will have the same results. :)

4. Social media is your friend! ---> I believe that blogging and social media go hand in hand. Never did I think I would have a Twitter account (don't forget about Facebook too), but as soon as I did...I saw that it had so much to offer. I have met so many amazing blogger friends through twitter and most importantly it has brought me business. I am a full time blogger & graphic designer (soon to be food truck owner!) and because of Twitter I have had the opportunity to create designs for so many people. Obviously, everyone that is reading this is not a graphic designer, but perhaps you have a small business that can benefit from the same things I have. Even if you don't have a small business and blogging is just your focus, you can still achieve SO much from social media...the friendships are worth it all on their own!

5. Network, network, network! ---> When I first started blogging, the first thing I did was find other bloggers out there that had the same interests I did...kind of like speed dating. ;) I learned so much from other bloggers in the beginning and I still continue to learn so much. When you find those people out there that you can really connect with, I can guarantee that many more will follow. Word of mouth is an amazing thing and I believe in the idea that what you give comes back to you as well. So next time you're on a blog that you love, leave them a comment...let them know you stopped by and why you like what they're doing...maybe even share them with your blog followers, Facebook, and Twitter. You never know when someone might return the favor. :)

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Lindsay, I so agree with you on taking a break from it all. Doing what you love can be so thrilling and motivating, but if you're not careful to rest and step back, you might become completely drained from the things you love. Balancing your passions, family, friends, responsibilities, your so important AND key to staying inspired and joyful. Thank you for your wonderful tips!! 


  1. I love her blog! It's so beautiful!

    xoxo, Jjanga

  2. Great post. I love her blog. Definitely a new reader. xo, rv

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    This is a great post. Running a blogg does sometime need a breather!

  4. thanks alot for the tips!


  5. Very true! I love her blog!

  6. this is a great post thank you for the tips! i have been trying to make connections with bloggers who have similar interests to me but can never seem to make a connection , i kinda feel like i'm in grammer school again and nobody likes me lol

  7. thank you so much lindsay. every little bit of advice is helpful when trying to create and maintain a successful blog. thanks for sharing!

    ciao, jess

  8. Thank you for this lovely post! I always love reading your blog, and this post was very inspiring.
    Scenic Glory is one of my favorite blogs, so this was a great read. :)

  9. Seriously, this is some of the best advice I've read. So honest and encouraging, especial the part about being yourself. I'm a new blogger and I've been feeling this lately, but this post is very motivating! Thanks!

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