Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I'm Miss Kaelah Bee and I write the little life + style blog Little Chief Honeybee. I'm a 23 year old freelance designer, mobile retail shoppe owner, maker of pretty things, bulldog mama (and who knows what else!) living my dream life in Nashville, Tennessee! I wear a lot of hats in my home and they're all pretty fun. I get to make pretty things daily and I'm working on fulfilling my dream of a brick and mortar indie retail shoppe. My days are filled with blogging, photography, product listing, package mailing, and inspiration seeking. I'm no expert, but I feel confident enough in my 5 tips for blogging and//or running your own small biz//handmade shop. Enjoy!

1. Try to be as organized as possible. ---> I am a bit of an "organized mess" kind of person, myself, and nothing is more stress-inducing than trying to find an important email, receipt, order, etc., but having no luck. I'm slowly, but surely, learning what organization systems work for me and which ones don't. Certain pictures and files go in certain folders, receipts always go in a pouch, labels go on emails… I vow to make 2012 my year of organization! (Y'all need to hold me to that!)

2. Write everything down! ---> Give your brain a rest. Don't try to remember everything, because it won't happen. Sure as the sun does shine, you'll forget something and that can throw a huge wrench in your day. Get an awesome blog idea? Product inspiration? Packaging design? Write it all down. Even the bad//horrible//awful//dumb//overplayed ideas. Good ones can grow and the bad ones can be marked off.

3. Interact with your audience. ---> Whether they're customers, clients, or blog readers, engage them. Ask them questions. Answer their questions. Network and build relationships. These are the people you count on on a day to day basis. Don't leave them hanging! If they have an issue with an order or have a question about a blog post, be willing to listen and answer! A little bit of love goes a long way!

4. Know when it's time to call it a day. ---> This is one I still can't wrap my head around. I don't know how to stop working, and I feel like I might as well burn the candle at both ends, now, while I'm young and without kids. Still, we all need to know when it's time to step away and spend time relaxing or enjoying the company of others.

5. Never be above learning. ---> We're all students of life and we learn along the way. We may not be masters of our craft, but we can aspire to be better. Never feel satisfied with your current skill-set. Always look for ways to improve on what you already know. Strive to be efficient and concise with everything.

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Thank you, Kaelah!! I loved what you had to say about writing everything down! I love carrying a journal around with me everywhere. When I think of an idea or even an action item, I have it with me at all times. It never leaves my side. 


  1. Anonymous22.2.12

    Great tips. I totally heard an echo of my own voice with the convincing yourself that being young and childless means it's ok to be INSANE levels of busy! Definitely good to take a break now and again =) x

  2. this is wonderful. i respect kaelah so much. these tips are great!! x

  3. def solid tips! its so crucial to keep a notebook handy for jotting ideas down.... every time i don't i regret it later when i try to reflect mentally on my "idea roll"... it's never the same :)

    love her blog & yours!

    XO from sunny, FL

  4. Such good advice! and her hair is fierce !

  5. She's so great! I love her little shop in Nashville - so cool!

  6. The last tip is just so true! As well as the writing things down tip, that's definitely something I find helpful for life generally!