Friday, February 10, 2012


I have been itching to show you this blog design! I met Emily at work and we both discovered we had a mutual love for blogging, beautiful things, and hard work. We soon became fast friends. Last year, we started the process of re-designed her current blog and after a little break from the design and some deep-thinking about the future of what it would become, Emily decided to join forces with her best friend Allie, to form The Wonder List.

These girls have impeccable style and a unique voice that really shines through in their posts. I was so inspired by the colors, patterns, and textures they loved, that this quickly became one of my favorite blog designs to work on.

The Wonder List, in their words, is "an unabashed guide to discovering genuine adventure and pursuing reflections of the inner self." This is definitely a blog to watch and I'm so looking forward to following along with Emily and Allie's journey. Checkout the full design or perhaps add a new blog to your reader by clicking here! :) 

MaieDae has been busy, busy, busy with blog designs and we are loving every minute. We currently offer two great blog design packages, as well as a comprehensive À La Carte Menu for those of you just looking for a custom banner or simple addition. Shoot me a message at if you're interesting in getting more information about our packages and pricing!


  1. wow! nice work! i'm so impressed~

    xo the egg out west.

  2. Oh, goodness what a lovely design! Going to check out their blog now ;)

  3. Looks beautiful, but I'm not surprised. I wouldn't expect anything less from you!

  4. I love the look of this design, the colours are amaaaaaazing, so charming and lovely!
    And the blog is really wonderful too