Tuesday, February 28, 2012

THREADS 2.28.12

My red hair is losing it's brightness! It's true when they say that red fades the fastest. You can help prevent it by putting cold water on it to rinse...but I don't think I can give up my hot showers. ;) I've got another box of color sitting under my sink and I just might see if Jenny's up for dying my hair tonight to fix up my roots and freshen it up a little. :)

This is the outfit I wore on Sunday to visit Jon's and my family, look at a potential townhouse and host a fun girls night at my place! Even though this shrug is a little on the large side, I love how cozy it is...and it's perfect for light layering.

You may be noticing the serious bag I'm carrying around. This is my new laptop//work//camera//Mary Poppins bag I purchased from Kelly Moore Bags. I had been wanting a good sturdy bag with lots of room for my laptop and other work accessories and had a difficult time finding something stylish, versatile, roomy, and not too heavy. All of my research led me to two sites: Epiphanie Bags and Kelly Moore Bags. I went back and forth between the Paris and the Libby for a couple weeks and finally decided to go with the Libby. I'm so happy I did! This has been a great bag. It has adjustable velcro inserts and more pockets and slots than a girl could ask for. I currently carry my 15" macbook, charger, notebook, wallet, iPad, smaller accessories, and, every now and then, throw in my camera or my bamboo tablet. I took it with me on a business trip two weeks ago and it was the perfect carry-on piece. Love!

* Preston Glasses: Warby Parker
* Boyfriend Tee: UO
* Beige Shrug: UO
* Belt: Jon's Grandma
* Jeans: American Eagle
* Oval Ring: Forever21
* Gold Ring: UO
* Timo Wedges: c/o Blowfish
* Libby Bag: Kelly Moore

It's starting to get warm enough to wear open toed shoes and sandals! Bring on the warm!


  1. such a lovely outfit. You are soooo beautiful!!!

  2. Ahh! I love those shoes!

  3. I love that bag!! Your entire outfit looks amazing!!! PS Your hair is so beautiful!!

  4. I really want to have red hair again, but it's just too much upkeep.

  5. You still look great, I have naturally red hair and sometimes it fades to a blonde in the summer. I am thinking of doing ombre with it. I love your hair its so cute and curly!

    xoxo, Jjanga

  6. love that bag! I keep my hair red as well and it does fade pretty quick (I'm a natural blonde). I've gone to dying it monthly now to keep up the brightness of it!

  7. high five for preston frames! they're my favorite. you're gorgeous!


  8. You are gorgeous! I love your red hair. I dye mine red too and I have to keep dying it often *sighhh. Oh well, suffer for fashion, right? Your outfit is adorable, and great job picking that awesome bag :]

  9. I'm so seriously considering dying my hair red, I've heard that it stays better if you have lighter hair but I can't decide! Your outfit is gorgeous - you pull everything together so beautifully (:

  10. I love the fringe. And your red hair suits you well. It's really pretty. xo, rv


  11. i really, really like your redhair. As well as your outfit. YOu look gorgeous :). I am all for supporting a re-dye. Sometimes it's weird when people look more natural with the color they dye their hair with compared to their natural hair color. I think that is pretty amazing. haha



  12. so gorgeous, lady. I LOVE that shrug!

  13. Pretty pictures! I always have the same problem with bags...I love the bigger ones because I'm also generally carrying around lots of things. Great choice!

  14. I love that outfit! Very simple, but the knit and bag give it some flare! When I had red hair I would only wash my hair every 3 days. And the days in between I would use a dry shampoo (usually baking soda). It helped it last 2 months before it started to fade into pink/orange!

  15. Anonymous29.2.12

    Yay, thank you so much for letting me know that I won! I'm excited hehe. I also looooove your hair color, you look lovely with it! :)

  16. Love the outfit and the haircolor! It still looks great even though it has faded. What color did you use?