Thursday, August 15, 2013


Almost immediately upon finding out we were pregnant I began downloading apps and adding books to my Kindle app like a mad woman. It's been a lot of fun reading about different peoples' experiences and especially knowing development information about the little one growing inside of me. The following have been some of my favorite books and apps, one is still on my reading list but I've heard lots of good things about it. :)

1// The Pregnancy Countdown Book - This is a daily countdown book that celebrates milestones and has interesting quotes from real doctors and moms! Each day is about a page long. It's a super cute and easy read. It's something I've looked forward to reading every morning, especially when the baby is a week older!

2// Belly Laughs - Jenny McCarthy is hilarious. I featured this book in my first trimester survival kit. I loved hearing about her pregnancy experience. She certainly doesn't hold any information back and has a way of making you giggle. I loved reading through this at the very early stages.

3// Brining Up Bebe - This is one of the books I have on my "to read" list. It's been uploaded to my Kindle app just waiting for me to get to it and start reading. I've heard a lot of good things about this book and I'm really interested to see what it has to say.

4// What to Expect When You're Expecting - A classic. This book was recommended to be by so many mommies. It's a little on the dull side, but it offers lots of great information. Definitely worth the read, despite the creepy painted pregnant lady on the cover. ;)

5// PregChat App - This app featured short videos that explain at each week where your baby is in the development process. It's one of the things I look forward to every monday morning when the baby is a week older. It's so fun knowing how it's developing and growing in there. :)

6// Sprout - One of my FAVORITE apps! Sprout shows you what your baby looks like at each week. I love how this app is designed. It's so beautiful and so neat to see what the baby is looking like. It also features "doctor's advice" which details more of the development, an organizer for you to keep track of your to-do's, and lots of neat tools like a weight tracker and kick counter. :) Love it! I bought the full version for $3.99 and felt it was definitely worth it.

7// Honest Baby - Basically Jessica Alba is amazing. I love her company The Honest Co.. The Honest Baby app is more for after you have the baby but it helps you track feedings, diapers changes, growth, doctor visits, sleep, moments, and milestones. Seriously an organized lady's dream. I can't wait to start using this when the little one comes.

8// The Bump - The Bump is really neat, too. It has a calendar, appointment tracker and a "how big is baby" reference that relates your growing little one to fruit sizes. :)

9// Oh Baby! Fitness - This app outlines a great fitness plan for you while you're pregnant. It describes different exercises, has a daily tracker, and lots of resources! It even has videos that show you how to do the exercises.

Do you have any favorite Mama books or apps to share?? I would love to hear! I'm especially interested in finding a great pregnancy yoga resource if you have one. :)

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