Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's Good to Live in the ATL

I had an AMAZING weekend with my buddies. We spent Friday night talking up a storm and catching up on life, love, and faith. We slept in Saturday morning and headed out to the downtown area to visit the long awaited Indie Craft Experience! I. Loved. It. I loved the culture and the people. I also grew in appreciation for the handmade craft. I could tell how everything uniquely displayed the creators taste and personality.

For a good part of the time, we just walked around wide-eyed at the 80-something booths. We each finally settled into our purchase treasures for the day. I was fancy-cameraless, unfortunately, so phone pictures will have to suffice:

Here are my home goodies from Kilroy & Maw, two adorable girls with a talent in unique artwork for the abode. 

I thought maybe we would be burnt out after the "experience", but we pulled up our boots and made a day out of shopping, stopping at Chick-fil-A for a lunch break, swinging by Urban Outfitters near Little Five Points, and heading to Forever21 for the last 40 minutes it was open. It was a great day, and I am tuckered out!

I am making it a goal to have MaieDae appear in at least one craft fair next year. I am definitely eying the ICE venue...Cheers to a wonderful weekend!



  1. Sarah Shackleford21.11.10

    I just bought those exact same 3 kilroy & maw prints! So funny! Love their stuff - we got their "I love cheese" print earlier this year!

  2. Sarah - haha! Too funny. It must be because you have such good taste. ;)

  3. How fun! Sounds like a great day!:)

  4. oh wow - how fun!!! such a good goal to plan on a craft fair next year. i did a smaller one last year - such good experience and then hosting one at a larger conference next april! eeek - so nervous and excited!!!

    sounds like you had a sweet time this weekend, friend! :)