Monday, November 08, 2010

Inspiration for Your Nest: Dream Closet

Confession time: I have had an embarrassing amount of clean clothes piled in the corner of our room for the past WEEK. It began to slightly resemble the Matterhorn from Disney World. So finally, Jon and I buckled down today and collected all of the clothes into the living room. We put on our new show fad, "V", and got to it. One hour later...clothes are hung up and put away. Out of all the home-keeping things that exist, laundry is my downfall. (Well that and dishes...)

All that to say, Jon and I have been dreaming about our future dream home and I have to admit, after dealing with our closet and the mountain of clothes, having one of those boutique, perfectly organized, space-for-everything, container-store-dream closets is definitely peaking my interest. 

Here are some gorgeous inspiration photographs for your closet!

I am thinking something that is not too over-the-top: modest-big-- bigger than your normal walk-in with a round pin-tuck ottoman in the middle, a full length mirror, and a sweet little light fixture. Not to mention, TONS of organization. I like LOVE organization.

Happy nesting!!

PS - I might or might not be doing a giveaway on one of my new lines of personalized necklaces sometime this week...or next week. ;)

Photo Credits: HomeSweetHome


  1. ooo love these :) i wish i had that huge of a closet!! one day hopefully.

    love the new buttons/links on the side. so cute!

  2. ohh how i'd LOVE to have a closet as big as these!! and so well organized too!!!

  3. going to turn a spare bedroom into one of these, wish me luck!! ;)

  4. those are some pretty cool , and extravagant closet spaces. I wish I had a cool closet myself . ><