Sunday, November 14, 2010

Let's Make This Always A Forever

Today, I am celebrating six wonderful months with my husband and high school sweetheart. We fell in love six years ago, got married one week after our college graduation, and I have loved every minute of life with Jonathon ("Beau" as I like to call him). I am so excited and honored to be able to be a family with him, make our own traditions, grow together, one day bring youngin's into this world, and live life together hand in hand.

In the spirit of our half-year anniversary, I thought I would reminisce on some dear memories.

How We Got Engaged:
Every Christmas, Jonathon and I made it a tradition to go along with his family to visit Fort Mill. We then would gather with Mrs. Wallace's side of the family and celebrate the holidays together. This was something that I really really looked forward to every year and it held a special place in my heart to celebrate Christmas with Jon's family. 
The Friday we arrived at Mrs. Wallace's parents house, Jonathon and I decided to spend some down-time watching a movie. After the movie was finished, around 10:00pm, Jonathon asked me if I would be willing to open up one of my Christmas presents. Me, being the type of person that loves to wait for a good surprise immediately replied, "Aw, Jon...can't I just open up all the presents at once tomorrow with your family?" Jon responded, "Come on Savannah, the gift I want you to open has a lot of explanation behind it and it wouldn't make sense to the whole family...come on." Jonathon took my hand and led me outside to the jeep where he pulled out a perfectly wrapped square box. At no point during this time did I even suspect Jonathon's proposal. 
Jonathon took me to a quiet bench in the back yard and began to explain to me that he wanted to start a new tradition: he wanted us to buy each other special ornaments each year for Christmas so that one day, when we had our own Christmas tree, it could be filled with special ornaments that represent special moments in our lives. 
I smiled and teared up at the thought of starting such a special tradition with Jonathon. I then opened the small present to find that it contained a beautiful metal star ornament. It was hinged, so I opened it and saw that it held a small, carefully scrolled piece of paper with a beautiful red bow tied around it. Jonathon then explained that he would like to leave a special note in the ornament each year...I was so touched by Jonathon's thoughtfulness. I rolled out the letter and I read the delicate words written in calligraphy by Jonathon that said:
"Will you marry me, love?"
A wave of dizziness and pure bliss immediately took over as I looked over at Jon and noticed that in his hands, he held a perfectly beautiful ring in an ivory handkerchief from his Great Grandma. All I could do was put my hands over my face and cry. Jonathon got down on one knee and began to cry himself as he asked me to marry him. Of course, I said yes...all we could do for the next twenty minutes after that, was sit on the bench holding each other and crying in joy for that long anticipated moment.  

I so love and respect this wonderful man of God and am so honored to be his wife. Here is to six months and sixty more years to come...

Just to end on a musical note, this is the song my brother and sister covered during our ceremony by Slow Club. They absolutely nailed it and it was gorgeous. 


  1. congrats!!!! i loved reading your story and that ring... soo gorgeous!! :D

  2. aw girl such a beautiful story - and gorgeous wedding pictures!! thanks for sharing. :)

  3. there is nothing more amazing than marriage to your soulmate!! congrats to you. what a beautiful story!

  4. Beautiful photos! I just read your about me and saw that you went on a Disney honeymoon. To Disney World? Us too! We love it and have gone twice a year since (this year was our first to take our son - so fun!). I also love your musical taste. William Fitzsimmons is amazing and I use him to put my son to sleep on those days he needs a little something besides my singing. ;) Glad to "meet" you and be a new follower. Good luck in all your aspirations!