Friday, November 05, 2010

Shopping Cart: Forever21

I am a HUGE fan of Forever21. I love how they have affordable, trendy clothing that you can easily pair with thrift finds and vintage treasures.

Jon and I have been budgeting and purchasing some fall//winter clothing and I am so excited to be receiving a package soon with this sweet loot!!

A VERY happy Friday to all of you! I will be spending my weekend crafting up a storm to replenish products in my Etsy shop. I will also start work on my new line of personalized necklaces, COMING SOON! I am very excited about them and I think you will just love them. They will be ready for purchasing just in time for Christmas shopping! 

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  1. and I have a love hate relationship... in that I love it, but hate how much money I spend every time I log on. I bought 2 pairs of shoes last time, and would have bought 10 if I could have.