Monday, February 07, 2011

Inspiration for Your Nest: An Anthropologie Kind of Home

This week, I am inspired by Anthropologie's home collection. I love their fresh colors and, most of all, I love the unique and vintage-inspired touches they put into their products. Anthro can be a little pricey for the nester on a budget, but keeping your eye on the sale items and putting away pennies for those really special pieces will help you stay budget conscious and purchase pieces you truly love.

Collected Memories Mirror
Ogee Apertures Towels
Climbing Vines Curtain
Leaf Medallion Sheet Set
Wormly Sofa
L'Epice Jar
Rivulets Quilt
Mountain Peaks Bath Basket
Refracted Ambiance Jar
Tea House Doorknob


  1. that sofa has been on my wish list!!!! I love it!! great stuff!!!

  2. HI! I'm the one that won the pie n the sky giveaway! I got your beautiful barrette on Saturday. LOVE IT! Also dedicated a blog post to you. Hope it gives you some "traffic."


  3. woops, wrong link, although I did mention you in that one also. ;-)

  4. omg so many lovely items

  5. i wish i could afford to shop here