Sunday, February 06, 2011

Project 365: Day 313-319

Great week! Worked on a handful of design projects, did some planning for MaieDae, and today is Sunday which means family day! So, while I'm making hundreds of flowers for the upcoming MaieDae handmades sale, I'm spending some good time with my family and the in-laws. Hope you enjoy your Superbowl Sunday!

  • I used to wear an eye-patch when I was little (my left eye ain't so good.)
  • I've been out of the country 5 times. 
  • My first celebrity crush was Jonathan Taylor Thomas from "Home Improvement". :)


  1. Anonymous6.2.11

    Thanks so much for the mention! :)

  2. love the posts you chose!

  3. Great posts, as always! Now I feel like I need more nail polish. lol