Sunday, February 20, 2011

Project 365: Day 327-333

BUSY week! I've been gone since Tuesday, working with production and graphics at the Chick-fil-A seminar. The days have been long, but I have been productive. I have put so much design work into this seminar and it's just blowing my mind to see my work around every corner! I do, however, miss my husband. I wish he could be here to enjoy the beautiful weather. 

* Outtakes by MooreaSeal
* Make Your Own Mentor by Kyla Roma
* Top 25 Most Played by MaieDae

* I do not enjoy showering, but I do it anyway for the sake of humanity...and my husband.
* I usually pronounce 20% of my words oddly or completely incorrect. This fact tickles my husband, but at least he thinks I'm cute.
* Although I work for Chick-fil-A corporate...I have never gotten tired of eating their food. I love me some chicken!


  1. Savannah your photos are beautiful! I can't believe you're almost done with the photo a day project, congratulations! I admire that about you :) I'll have to check that book out!


  2. hahah chick-fil-a is the best.. i wish we had one in the city.
    xoxox jcd :: cornflake dreams

  3. That picture of your cat is super lovely! the colours and everything :)

  4. Hi. I love these photos. You are a very determined lady, almost finishing your 365-photo-a-day project. Way to go for you.:-) About the three-things-about-you statement, don't worry, your husband still loves you no matter what.:-)wink...