Thursday, May 26, 2011

Home Again Jigidy Jig

I'm BACK!! Seriously, these past 7 days have been go-go-go. It started with driving from Atlanta to Destin, FL, for a lovely beach wedding. Then, coming back a day 1/2 later, packing, last-minute goodbye coffee with friends, then I hopped on a plane to California Monday and just landed back home today! I am soo pooped, tired, dazed...all I can think about is a yummy meal and cuddles from my husband. I have lots to share about my trip to California and fun pictures. Keep on the lookout for those soon!

Psst! -- Here's a little hint at what I did. Anyone guess where this is from?
Even though I can finally "rest", the busyness starts right back up tomorrow with the next 15 days dedicated to putting together new and exciting handmades for ICE-Atlanta! Don't worry -- if you can't make it out, I'll be re-opening my shop near the end of June with new goodies galore!

Ok -- lots of fun posts and catch-up coming soon!


  1. That looks like the Friends set! I was there once. Had my picture taken on the couch. They cheated the set on the show to make it look bigger by making the background set abnormally small. :)

    ♥ sécia

  2. Anonymous26.5.11

    Okay, I've watched this show way way way too many times! FRIENDS SET! That print chair is fantastic!

  3. I'd recognize that set anywhere! ;) SO FUN!

  4. You did the WB Lot tour! Hurrrah! I love that tour! :) My sister works at the starbucks on the lot! (walking distance from the little movie museum.) Fun Fun Fun!