Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up say this weekend was wonderful would be an understatement. :) Jon and I celebrated our one-year anniversary with a long relaxing weekend, filled with our favorite foods, shows, reminiscing, and resting. Just what we needed to start year two strong and take a little break from our daily busyness.

For the snapshot of the week, I wanted to give you just one little peek at Jon and I's new tradition. Don't worry! I'll share more this week. :)

Five Favorite Posts This Week:
* Our Eve by Lune Vintage

Three Things About Yours Truly:
* Jon and I met during our sophomore year in high-school and starting dating our junior year. On January 10, 2012, we'll be celebrating 7 years of being together.
* Jon was my first kiss.
* I'm 5'3"; Jon's 6'3"


  1. Anonymous15.5.11

    I thought you should know I'm officially addicted to your blog! It oozes with adorable!

    Happy anniversary! ♥

  2. Aw what a cute couple! Like a fairytale!

    I have to say, your blog is so beautiful and inspiring! I'm hooked. :)

  3. What a special occasion! I always love reading your little fun facts about yourself every week - My husband was my first kiss, too! :)

  4. you have an adorable blog, count me as new follower!
    you two are just sweet♥ happy anniversary:D

  5. A great big bubble of love. It is so warming to hear about people inlove- it's what makes the world go round. x