Friday, May 27, 2011

MaieDae Graphics: Scuttle

A good friend of mine, Holly of Scuttle, asked me to work on re-branding her business. Holly is very adorable and wanted to keep her stationary and journal business cutesy and fun. :) She's also a huge fan of cupcakes!

I first started with designing her new logo, then did a business card design for her so she can pass out these little cuties at her upcoming craft fair. I'll be wrapping up her design package with a new blog look to go with the new branding we've established. Keep an eye out for that, coming soon!

Here are Holly's sweet little logo and business card designs:

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  1. Really like the details in the cupcake.

    ♥ sécia

  2. Wonderful, it makes you wan to jump right in. Can you do some for me? Love your styling.

  3. oh wow, i absolutely love what you created here. the various textures and color story rocks - kudos to you on this grand accomplishment, she must be thrilled out of her mind. i just adore your designs, always hatching top notch visions. i'm inspired. cheers to more success with the completed site too. ♥

  4. those cupcakes are gorgeous. I love your work. Big fan!
    x krystie

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