Friday, May 13, 2011

ListoGraphy: Things I Love About Him

I may or may not have mentioned that tomorrow, I'm celebrating my one-year wedding anniversary with Jonathon. I've been so blessed to be married to such a wonderful, attentive man with amazing character. You could say I'm in love. Like really in love. :)

Diana Film - 2009
I'm planning to dedicate this weekend's posts to our marriage, so I'm going to start it off with a little  listography. This is a list (not all-inclusive, 'cause really I could go on and on) of things I love about Jon.

A List of Things I Love About Him:
* How much he loves the color green
* His servant heart
* His attention to detail -- never misses when I get something new or change something about myself
* His extreme loyalty to me, his family, and his friends
* He is an amazing computer developer...I'm pretty sure he thinks in code
* His ability to teach himself...currently he's learning how to 3-D model for game development
* His support for my passions
* He lets me decorate our place however I like ;)
* His big safe hugs
* He's always willing to go out and buy me a smoothie if I'm not feeling well
* His gorgeous almond shaped eyes
* His current style signature: Bandanas
* How much we compliment each others' strengths and weaknesses
* His leadership
* His cuddles
* His love for eclectic music
* His ability to be an amazing father one day
* How he talks in his sleep
* His desire and love to have fun and enjoy life
* His prayers
* When he plays along with my made-up words and goofiness
* His values and beliefs
* His protectiveness of my well being
* His joy

I'm an honored wife and I really couldn't be happier. :) Tomorrow, I'll share some memories of our wedding day. Hope your weekend is wonderful!


  1. Happy Anniversary! I hope you two have an amazing day! <3

  2. Happy Anniversary!! What a lovely post and a wonderful list!! How wonderful life is when you get to spend it with THE one!! Enjoy your day!! xxx

  3. Happy Anniversary!

    ♥ sécia

  4. Happy early anniversary! I'm so happy for you both!

  5. lucky girl <3 happy anniversary <3

  6. Anonymous14.5.11

    This is beautiful. Happy anniversary and I hope you continue having such an obviously blessed marriage =) x

  7. this is precious!
    ~Andrea @

  8. Anonymous14.5.11

    this is incredible (and strange for me because my husbands name is jon).

    i really enjoyed how you covered the generals...but also the very specifics!