Tuesday, June 14, 2011

ICE Atlanta: Our Booth!

Here are the booth pictures, as promised! They are a mix of photographs that Jenny and I took as well as some from Leah&Mark.com.

We worked really hard on creating a booth that would match our jewelry and aesthetic. Our idea was based around the thought of stumbling upon these sweet little handmades in the woods, so we utilized both fake and real tree stumps, as well as branches, to display our pieces.

My father-in-law was SO kind to help and teach me how to build our beautiful sign. Most of the other decorations for our display were inexpensive to buy or were recycled from things we had//found.

Things I Learned from our First Show:
1. Before you go to your show, pack all of your stuff in the most organized and condensed fashion you can. This will really help with load-in and load-out.
2. Bring snacks and water!! -- When you get busy, busy, busy you forget to eat and drink, then all of a sudden, you feel starved. Having snacks and water close by kept our energy up!
3. Accept more than just cash. We had a Square account that we ran on our cell phones and it really helped with sales. Check out Square for yourself! It's a free app and connector. You are just charged a small fee per swipe.  
4. Display your product in an organized and viewable way. This will especially help if you have a themed or busier display. 
5. Network! Take time to meet other vendors, ask about their experiences, connect with them via social networks, and make good contacts and potential friends!
6. Take lots of pictures! -- This was a great memory and I'm glad I took the time to capture it. It will be great for future shows to look back and see how we displayed our product and set everything up. :) 

I'm so glad I got to share a little bit of this process and journey with you! -- AND I am so thrilled that I got to meet some amazing readers. You all made my day. :)

PS -- I forgot to mention that I dyed my hair! I'm working it in stages toward a lighter color and I didn't intend for it to turn out reddish, but for some reason, my hair is always trying to be red! 


  1. Your stand looks great! Nice work, I also love the reflection piece, it is definitely helpful for people new to vending at fairs. The first time I sold at a craft fair I hadn't realize how incredibly important merchandising is, figured that out the hard way! :)

    Thank you for sharing!


  2. ohh! love your photos, looks like you had an amazing time! also super creative ideas for your setup, it looks amazing!

  3. Super cute hair! Also, I love your setup! I'd definitely be drawn to your booth!

  4. wow! your booth looks so incredibly wonderful and put together...im sure if i was there I could have spent hours just at your booth! :) -Lo

  5. Oh! Looks like so much fun!! And I have been meaning to get my paws on a square account. So neat.

  6. everything looks fantastic! congrats :)

    ~Andrea @ http://hecallsmewifey.blogspot.com/

  7. this looks like too much fun! can you keep us posted on these events so i can see if i can attend one of these if it is nearby :)

  8. what a cute display!!! i love it!!

    allister bee blog

  9. It looks adorable! Good job!

  10. Wow! The booth turned out so cute & your hair color is rockin. :D

  11. Anonymous14.6.11

    Best booth I have ever ever seen :) I am so pleased I stumbled across your blog. x

  12. I just did my first craft show a few weeks ago. I loved it and learned a lot. I just found your blog and wanted to say that your booth so BEAUTIFUL! :)

  13. I am loving the feathers!!! And the pieces of fabric hanging from the table :)

  14. Great set-up!

    ♥ sécia

  15. Anonymous14.6.11

    Wow, everything is so beautiful. I love the wooded theme, makes me want to write about nymphs and faeries! Also, my hair always wants to be red too!

  16. love how it all looked! great job!

  17. it looks amazing♥ i wish i can visit your booth and love the theme, you did great job as always:D

  18. very pretty! i like it a lot! great job!


  19. how neat is this!
    I love your look. wish this was closer.

  20. Anonymous15.6.11

    I love your booth, I knew it was going to be magical :) And I like the Instax idea, never seen that at a show before. I hope you were able to take lots of pictures from sales. :)