Friday, June 17, 2011

MaieDae Handmades: New Rings in the Shop!

Hey guess what?! -- I just reopened the shop, for the first time since the craft fair, with new items! I'm starting off with rings for now, but keep an eye out for other new products throughout the week! Lots of goodies coming your way. ;)

All of the rings currently in the shop are under $15.00! -- An inexpensive way to make a subtle statement. :) Here's a little preview:

Recycled Vintage Coin Rings
Geology Sparkle Rings
Recycled Vintage Key Rings
Like what you see?? Time for an online shopping trip! -- Click here to get yours. :)


  1. Anonymous17.6.11

    Oh I love them so much!!! You're so talented!

  2. These are gorgeous! I am glad they are affordable as well.

  3. Well I just bought one!! These are the best! I work in a bank too, so it'll be fun seeing what my customers say about my ring:)

  4. oooo very pretty the sparkly one is :)

  5. Anonymous18.6.11

    I love all of your things!'ve broken me down!

  6. I love vintage coins and all of these are lovely!!!

  7. Anonymous18.6.11

    That key ring is great!! So unusual, I love it! =) x

  8. Do you think a guy could wear the key one?!?! I love it so much! New follower, instantly!

  9. Anonymous18.6.11

    wow savannah, they turned out really well! and come on - how cool is that key ring right? oh, you Know it's cool!!

  10. Extremely cute!
    I'm so very glad that I discovered your blog - and that we share the same name ;)