Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Threads: 6.8.11

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I wore this outfit on Sunday to visit mine and Jon's family. I loved wearing this dress; it's light and flowy and has some beautiful purple piping detail that really makes it pop! BUT my favorite part of this outfit is the pair of light blue 80's pumps. I wore these on my wedding day as my "something blue" and I enjoy bringing them out of the closet now and then. :)

Top - Bottom (pricing is approximate)
* Cream Crochet Outerwear: Forever21 - $16.30
* Orchid Print Dress: Target - $19.99
* Brown Braided Belt: Thrifted - $3.50
* Grey Herringbone Tights: Forever 21 - $5.80
* Light Blue 80s Pumps: Vintage - $23.00
* Gold Ring with Sparkles: UO - Gifted
* White Quartz Bullet Shell Necklace: Handmade by MaieDae
* Blue-Away Sally Hansen Nail Color: Target - $4.99

Approximate Outfit Total (including accessories) = 73.58


  1. Hi! I found your blog yesterday and I really love it! I'm adding you to my reader right now!


  2. Anonymous8.6.11

    i thought the outfit looked great before i even saw the it's so much cuter. that's pretty much what i wear when i visit the inlaws. and without fail, everytime they say "ohhh, you're so dressed up!"

  3. so darling. and i love your light blue wedding pumps! they're so classy.

  4. Pretty tights and nails!

    ♥ sécia

  5. That dress is to die for. And your hair is so cute! Love it :)

  6. ahhhhhh!!!!!

    cute outfit!!!

    allister bee blog

  7. Such an adorable outfit! I love the whole thing!

  8. i love this so much i blogged it today :)

  9. Adorable outfit! Also? I love, love, love your hair! It's awesome!

  10. A beautiful outfit, you always get it spot on x

  11. Anonymous9.6.11

    Lovely outfit! I especially like the nail polish. :D

  12. Oh I love your dress! And Target?! Of course.

  13. i just stumbled onto your blog while blog hopping and am SO GLAD that i did! i love your style (and your curls)! xo

  14. Adorable! I am in love with your nail polish.