Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday Sale!! -- Nov 28-30

Get 25% off your entire purchase today through Wednesday by using coupon code: CYBERMONDAY at checkout! This is the only holiday sale we will be having for MaieDae Handmades, so be sure to get your Christmas goodies purchased in time for the holidays!

We have tons of new products and special customized pieces. Each purchase comes packaged beautifully, ready to give. :) Not sure what to buy? Take a look at our Holiday Lookbook for inspiration! Happy Christmas shopping to you!

PS - Looking to pick up a few pieces from our Closet Sale?? Use coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY50 to get 50% off of your entire purchase! We are closing up the closet shop soon, so be sure to pick out a few of your favorite pieces! 


  1. hey savannah! i really enjoyed looking through your shop thanks! just a quick note that in your shop announcement it says 20% and in your banner it says 25%?

  2. @patience opps!! You are correct! It's 25%...I'll fix the other banner. Thank you! :)