Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Fancy Shmancy: Holiday Gift Guide #1

For the remainder of the year, I wanted to feature some Fancy Shmancy gift ideas for your loved ones during the holiday season! Jon and I are about to start our Christmas shopping soon, so we've been gathering ideas about what to get our family. I LOVE buying gifts for people, wrapping them up all pretty, and seeing their faces when they open them. It's seriously one of my favorite parts of Christmas. :)

Holiday Gift Guide #1

1. Personalized Paper Dolls by Jordan Grace Owens - $25.00
2. Doily Clutch by Krust - $40.00 
3. Holiday Mixed Paper Book by Elisejoy - $25.00
4. Wooden Sunglasses by Tumbleweeds Shop - $65.00 - $105.00
5. Vintage Kelly Green Heals size 7 by Oh So Lovely Vintage - $27.00
6. Sock Monkey Wrist Warmers by Sheepish Knit Crochet - $27.00
7. Large Floral Chalkboard Tags by Kates Paper Goods - $18.00


  1. i am in love with the doily clutch!!!

    allister bee blog

  2. AHH! Savannah! Thank you so much for including my wrist warmers! You are too sweet. :)

    I just love all of your finds.

  3. The paper dolls are SO cute!!

    ♥ LW

  4. Anonymous9.11.11

    The paper dolls are just darling! I've already convoed the shop owner. Thanks for the idea :)

  5. i love your gift guide! those paper dolls are plain amazing. wow.

  6. I love those green shoes. So cute! xo, rv

  7. I emailed you back about your blog design special and am ANTSY to get started ;) Can we get started? Pretty please with sugar on top? xoxo
    PS. the wrist warmers are freakin' perfect for out here in Colorado!

  8. Very foppish! It is great tone.

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