Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

This week has been both tiring and exciting. We launched our very first lookbook for MaieDae Handmades and completely updated the shop for the holidays! A huge thank you to everyone who left sweet comments and took time to look at our lookbook! Your support and encouragement means the world. :)

Jon and I drove from Atlanta, GA, to Charleston, SC, on Tuesday to attend his grandmother's funeral. It was a beautiful ceremony and, even though it's been emotional for Jon's family, we have loved talking about old memories and looking through her amazing collection of family photographs. Jon and I went ahead and drove up again for this weekend to see how we could help. So...lots of driving happening over here! Just two works days this week and then Thanksgiving! I can't wait. :) We are celebrating with Jon's family and then, next Sunday, we will have a special dinner with my family. 

Snapshot of the Week: Pictures from grandma's collection. (Top left: Jon's grandfather. Top middle: Jon's dad, Charles. Top right: Jon's grandmother. Bottom left: Grandmother, dad and aunt. Bottom right: Jon's grandmother dancing.)

Five Favorite Posts this Week:
* PR + Marketing E-Book by Little Chief Honeybee
* 12 Days of Cheer by Oh, Hello Friend
* DIY: How to be a Successful Creeper by Scathingly Brilliant 

Three Things About yours Truly:
* Started Christmas shopping yesterday!
* I'm planning to seriously dye my hair this week. It needs to happen.
* Bought this adorable bow. :)

Videoclip of the Week: Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you a wonderful end to your weekend. :)


  1. The lookbook is phenomenal, Savannah!!

  2. I love your look book. It's so amazing. I bet it was a lot of fun hard work too. xo, rv

  3. Love your wrap up posts! My fav is the 12 days of cheer - kinda made my day :) I'm going holiday crazy lately :P