Monday, November 21, 2011

New Items in the Shop + Holiday Deadline

Along with our Holiday Lookbook, we've also loaded up the shop with lots of old and new pretties for Christmastime shopping! We have a couple new pieces, that I'm loving, as well as some different variations of older beloved pieces. :)

If you would like to purchase a MaieDae Handmade piece for someone you love during the holidays, we've set a holiday shopping deadline in order to make sure your gift arrives in a timely manner. All U.S. residents need to purchase their items before December 14th and all International residents need to purchase their items before December 5th. Some of our items are made to order, as well as customizable, so we want to give ourselves plenty of time to make your pieces, package them up all pretty, and send them safely to you. :)

Here are a few of my favorite new pieces in the shop! Above, we have our romantic "Darling & I" necklace that you can customize with you and your sweetheart's name and to the left of that, we have our new custom silhouette necklace that will resemble you and your love! 

1. Recycled Vintage Key Rings - Choose from several styles and shapes.
3. Men's Bow-Ties - Made from vintage fabric and clip-on, also way cute for women.
4. Bullet Necklace - Comes in silver and brass. 
5. Chicago Earring - Our bestseller feathered Chicago earring now comes paired with a raw amethyst or citrine stud. 
7. Geology Rings - Another bestseller now in Glitz and Rubies! 

All items can be found in the shop here. Happy Christmas shopping to you!

PS - Looking for some extra clothing?! Our MaieDae Closet Shop is running an early black friday sale! Get 50% off your ENTIRE purchase by using coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY50 at checkout!

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  1. Everything is so beautiful! I'm pretty in love with those Geology rings.