Saturday, December 03, 2011

5 Tips for Christmas Gift Giving

Have you ever heard of the 5 Love Languages? Different people express love and receive love in different ways. Words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. One of my top love languages, hands down, is receiving and giving gifts. So, when December rolls around, naturally I can't wait to get started on Christmas present shopping for my family and friends. :)

I love being sneaky and trying to figure out special gifts they might like. Although I'm no gift giving expert, here are some of my favorite tips for gift buying for your loved ones:

1. Take Note -- I carry a Moleskine around with me everywhere. I love writing down my ideas and thoughts whenever they pop into my head. I also highly value some good organization. ;) I keep a section in my Moleskine where I write down gift ideas for my friends and family throughout the year. I always keep an ear out for hints about what they may like or special things they are interested in. Become a gift detective and keep notes about special things they would like. You can refer to this list during Christmas time or anytime throughout the year for a special occasion or birthday present idea. 

2. Support their Interests & Hobbies -- Has your loved one taken on sewing as a new hobby or cooking? Make them a basket full of supplies to get them started or pay for them to take a local class or e-course. Do they have a special collection or are they thinking about starting one? Add to their collection (or help them start a new one) with a special gift from you! 

3. Can't go Wrong with Custom -- If your loved one loves sentimental items, considering buying them something custom. Etsy is a fantastic place to find handmade, custom items that they are sure to love and cherish forever. Try a personalized family portrait, piece of jewelry, or rubber stamp. See some of my favorite places to find gifts below for some of my favorite custom shops. 

4. Sometimes Gifts don't Come in Packages -- Do they have a significant other? Buy them a special date night to their favorite restaurant, museum, or show. Like I mentioned above, look into purchasing them an online e-course or local class that compliments their taste. OR you can just make a day of it and treat them to their favorite coffee and mini shopping spree at their favorite store. 

5. Wrap it Up -- Once you've picked out the perfect gift, it's time to get wrapping! Take your time to wrap it up pretty with paper, ribbons, tiny novelties, and a hand-written card. The awe and fun of giving a gift is seeing their expression when you give it to them and seeing it again when they open it. :)

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Some of my favorite places to find gifts:
* ThinkGeek -- Unique and quirky gifts for the nerd in your life. 
* Nan Lawson Art  -- Prints
* Shanna Murray -- Illustrated home decals.
* You and Me the Royal We -- Home goodness.
* Society6 -- Art for your walls, iPhone, and laptop!
* Sweetteeth -- Yummy treats and the best salted caramel sauce around. 
* Photojojo -- For the photography lover. 
* Jordan Grace Art -- Custom art and print for your home. 
* Uncommon Goods -- Stocking stuffer ideas.
* Village -- Gorgeous home prints. 
* Perch Paper Co. -- Custom address stamps. 
* Kozue -- Custom portrait stamps. 
* Cozy Blue -- Custom prints. 
* Red Velvet -- Fantastic and fun e-courses. 
* Indie Business -- For the entrepreneur in your life. 

Do you have any favorite tips for gift giving? What are your favorite places to shop for the holidays??


  1. this is so helpful. thanks for taking the time to do this.

  2. I love gift giving! All through the year though - not just at Christmas. I love buying little treats for people - when I see something I think they'd really like!

  3. I love finding that special present that you know someone will love! Think geek is a wonderful place to find quirky gifts that you just don't see anywhere else. I'm putting together a gift guide for my blog as well!

  4. I totally love this post!! So happy to have found your blog. I'm totally pinning this!!