Friday, December 02, 2011

December is Here!

Last month was an eventful month for MaieDae and me! I am so thrilled about all that was accomplished and I can't wait to see what December holds. I'm hoping to end this year out strong. One of my favorite parts about December, besides Christmas ;), is having time to reflect on the year and set new goals and "to-do's" for 2012.

Here were some of my favorite parts about November:

Visiting Anica in Seattle for a weekend of exploring, shopping, and catch-up time.

Taking pictures around the city of Seattle and meeting Moorea-Seal at the Fremont Market!

Visiting my childhood home

Sharing fun Gift Guide inspiration for Christmas!

Introducing MaieDae's first Lookbook!

Baking a successful salted-caramel cheesecake for Thanksgiving.

Tromping around in my new favorite boots.

Having a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family. 

Successful cheesecake round #2! Oreo style. 

Sharing some deer-inspiration for decorating during the holidays.

Decorating our home for Christmas.

AND...sharing some of my favorite new pieces from the shop. :)

Fun things I'm looking forward to in Decemeber!
* Wrapping Christmas presents for friends and family.
* Taking a restful Christmas break from my 9-5 job. :)
* Lots of design projects!
* Hosting my first blog party on December 5th, along with Jenny!!
* Baking, baking, and more baking.
* Lots of coffee dates with friends.
* An incredible and inspiring new series on the blog for December! Get ready!
* Goal setting for 2012.
* Pinterest party for some of the ladies in ATL.
* Christmas get-together at the Wallace abode.
* Trip to Fort Mill to visit Jon's side of the family for Christmas!
* AND...Christmas. ;)

What was your favorite thing about November?? What are you looking forward to in December?

Happy weekend!


  1. Anonymous2.12.11

    this look like a very amazing month! :D

  2. Such fabulous goals and events you have to look forward too!!! My little blog REALLY grew in November, and Jen and I had a fabulous low key (just the way we like it) month that involved Christmas shopping, village exploring and more.

    This December I plan on working harder on my little blog. It's SO much more than a space to write... It's like my digital home, my career and my hobby all in one!!!

    Plus of course, more gift buying and wrapping, Christmas, etc., etc! EEEE!!!

  3. looks like it was a great month! I am definitely looking forward to celebrating the holidays with my parents who are coming to visit! But I cannot believe the holidays are already here! this year flew by.
    glad I stumbled upon your blog, it is beautiful and filled with such great posts!