Thursday, December 08, 2011

Holiday DIY Party: Decorative Bottle DIY

We are about half-way through the Holiday DIY party! Jenny and I had so much fun preparing this week of cheerful inspiration for you and these last couple of days are sure to close us out good!

For today, I have a fantastic decorative bottle DIY that gives you something to do with those glass bottles lying around your house. I started collecting bottles a couple months ago with no particular reason in mind and we decided to put them to good use during the holidays! These can become candle holders, vases for your favorite real or fake flowers, or just let it stand alone! I think they look beautiful clustered together for a centerpiece or on a mantel. :)

 D E C O R A T I V E  B O T T L E  D I Y 

 S U P P L I E S  N E E D E D: 
1. Paint brushes.
2. Painters tape.
3. Martha Stewart Glitter paint for multi-purpose surfaces.
4. White and gold spray paint.
5. Glass bottles.

 D I Y  S T E P S:  
Solid Glass Bottles
1. On newspaper carefully spray paint the outside of the bottle.
2. Let dry.

Gold Striped Bottle
1. Put painters tape around the middle of your bottle.
2. Use gold spray paint to paint the remainder of the bottle.
3. Let dry and then peal off tape.

Glitter Bottle
1. With a paint brush use the glitter paint and paint all around the bottle.
2. Let dry and apply another coat or two.

After you're done, place holly branches, flowers, tea lights inside...anything to fancy them up. :) 

Have you entered the Holiday DIY Party giveaways yet?? We are giving away a copy of Design*Sponge at Home here and a lot of holiday Martha Stewart crafts here! We have more giveaways coming your way throughout the week, so stay tuned. :) 

A happy almost Friday to you!


  1. The white bottles are gorgeous! Love this idea. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Gosh I love the way the light looks in the white bottle. Beautiful!

  3. i love the little glitter one!!

    allister bee blog

  4. Awwhhh, I'm a sucker for anything spray painted gold! I think I am going to make myself a festive bicycle just as an excuse to gild my bike. :)

    I Know.x

  5. super cute! i like the effect of using painter's tape and leaving some unpainted! the gold is perfect :)

  6. I have two glass milk jars like this and they've been sitting in my cupboard for a while now. This is a perfect craft to spruce them up and find more use for them. :D

  7. I love that you left the little swath free of gold. Very cool!