Saturday, December 31, 2011


2012 is nearly here!! I am really excited for 2012. I feel like every new year is a good time to rejuvenate my self-motivation and reflect on the things I would like to change and accomplish. I've had a lot of fun planning new adventures for MaieDae with Jenny and creating a new list of goals for myself in 2012, which I plan to share within the next few days. :)

Here is a little check-up on my 22 before 2012 list. I didn't accomplish everything, but I feel very satisfied with what I was able to check off. Sometimes when you set goals for yourself, you have to realize that you might change your mind about projects and items you want to accomplish. Don't feel pressured to accomplish everything if you lose passion for something or decide it's not the right timing.

22 Before 2012
1Go on a skiing trip with Jon & his family.  -- Had so much fun! 
2. Start a collection (or two!). -- Records, vintage dinnerware, and cocktail rings.
3. Read five business/development books. 
4Have an amazing one year anniversary! 
5Finish Project 365 & put together a tribute coffee table book. -- Haven't put the book together yet; hoping to do this soon!
6Participate in my first Arts Fair. -- Participated in the Indie Craft Experience and the Indie Craft Parade
7. Buy a mandolin and learn to play. -- This did not happen. Maybe in 2012?
8. Decorate & create an inspirational studio space. -- Check and then un-check. I was able to put together something nice, and since we are planning to move and have needed extra space for storage, it has become un-inspirational again. 
9. Try five sewing projects. -- Only dabbled in a couple projects, but I'm planning to take the DIY Dress Up E-Course in 2012. 
10. Create a line of print design for my Etsy shop. -- Decided to go in a different direction. 
11. Start putting together and drafting rough draft of my book. -- Putting this project on the bookshelf for a little while.
12. Start new photography project. -- Didn't do any projects per-say, but I got a new SLR and took time to take lots and lots of pictures. 
13Get a new camera for blogging, photo-shoots and products. -- Yes!! 
14Develop & grow blog. -- I'm so excited to see how it's grown since January 2011. I can't wait for 2012! I'm planning to kick off the year with a fresh design and new features!
15Refine & define Etsy shop. -- Even though Jenny and I spent lots of time refining, we are planning on doing even more in 2012.
16Collect art, frames and photographs for wall collage in living room. -- I've collected a lot of great pieces! When we move, I'm planning to hang everything up.
17. See "Rocky Horror Picture Show" in the theatre. -- Had plans on doing this but it ended up falling through. 
18. Design a font. -- Sketched out designs, just haven't created the font.  YET!
19. Pay 50% of my student loans. -- Paid 5 loans of 9...only 4 to go! 
20. Keep Madi as my pen-pal & "little sister". 
21. Re-decorate bedroom. -- See post here and here!
22. Have sister and mother dates on a monthly basis.  -- While I've gotten to spend some good time with mom and sister, we haven't been able to schedule date time. Hoping this will change soon!

Other Exciting Happenings in 2011
* Saw Beauty and the Beast at the FOX Theatre with Jon
* Celebrated 6 years of being with Jonathon!
* Did a little project restyle on my dresser.
* Started my business partnership with Jenny!
* Started offering blog design
* Created a cute little dining nook.
* Got my first tattoo.  
* Visited the WB studios in California! 
* Celebrated our first year of marriage and took some cute pictures!
* Went to Chicago with Jenny to attend a Design conference and explore the city!  
* Welcomed a new member of the family. :) 
* Beautiful ladies wearing MaieDae goodies!
* Celebrated a wonderful Thanksgiving with family. 
* Had a holiday DIY blog party!
* Created the first MaieDae Holiday Lookbook with Jenny! 
* Went to Seattle to visit Anica! 
* Started the new 5 Things post series. 
* Went Red!

Check back later for my 2012 goals AND a brand new blog design to go with the new year!! I can't wait to show you the new look! What was your favorite part about 2011??


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful 2011! Good work getting *so many* of your goals crossed off. :)
    Happy new year!

  2. Your new design looks so, so fantastic :)