Monday, August 13, 2012


Jon and I spent the whole day Saturday working on home projects and focusing our efforts on the dining room. We had a long to-do list, but worked hard, listened to good music, and had great conversation. :) While it's super tempting to wait and reveal each room as it's completely finished, I thought it would be fun to do progress updates on the rooms we're working on to share our nesting journey with you step-by-step! The first photo was taken a few days after we moved in. We installed the first part of our light fixture but still had a lot to do. It's hard to see, but the white on the walls below the chair rail was textured wallpaper.

And here we are, a couple weeks after moving! Our table was delivered the Sunday after we moved. My father-in-law installed the lighting. This weekend, I purchased the metal tub chairs, curtains, and we painted the walls a beautiful white//grey. It feels so big, clean, and crisp! I can't wait to add in the other elements to really give it that industrial//rustic feel I'm looking for.

* Light Fixture - West Elm
* Light Bulbs - Restoration Hardware (waiting on my third bulb to come in!)
* Wood Table - CB2
* Metal Tub Chairs - World Market
* Curtains - West Elm
* Table Costers - Anthropologie
* Curtain Holders - Urban Outfitters
* Paint: Olympic White - Sherwin Williams

I love the progress so far. Most of the day Saturday I felt myself going back and forth thinking, "Did I pick the right paint?"; "Will these curtains work?"; "Am I crazy?"...I know I've spent a lot of time putting this room together in my mind and on inspiration boards, but I've been nervous that I won't execute it correctly. BUT taking my time, asking opinions from Jon and close friends, and really searching for those pieces I love is making this process exciting and encouraging me to move forward at a slow pace.

I don't think this room will be done anytime soon, but my goal is to have it finished before the holidays...and possibly start on the living room before the end of the year. One room at a time! I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's "finished"!

Here is a rough sketch of my plans for the dining room:

* In the corner I'd like to put a vintage cabinet. Jon and I picked one out from a local antique store. It's from the mid-century and lovely! We are picking it up tomorrow!
* Next to the cabinet, I'd like to put together an intensely awesome art wall with wood and metal frames. I've been collecting artwork and still have a few more pieces to buy before collecting frames.
* Before the entrance to the kitchen we'd like a very industrial console table to serve as a buffet//display.
* Above the console we'd like to create a giant menu from an antique frame.
* I'm still on the hunt for perfect chairs to go on the ends of the table. I'm thinking leather and a tall back?
* I think one of the last purchases will be a rug. I want something to really anchor the room and pull things together. I'm not sure if I'm going neutral or geometric.
* Finally, I'd like to put together some special decor for the center of the table, the cabinet and the console. I'm probably going to stick with my inspiration words: industrial, rustic, clean.

So fun! I can't wait to continue sharing the progress! I'll be back later with an easy DIY and photos of the vintage cabinet!! Thanks for reading and sharing this nesting journey with me!


  1. I love how clean it looks, and I really like the mason jar mugs, where did you find those?

    1. Actually! I got them at a thrift store...we used them at Jenny's wedding shower! :)

  2. Anonymous13.8.12

    Your condo looks great! I love how bright the room is, you have great lighting, good for pictures :)

  3. OBSESSED with everything :)
    xo Moorea

  4. Love the color, the table, chairs, curtain rod and holders, and that light fixture is to die for! Very cool to see it in stages and I cannot wait to see it all finished! Beautiful Savannah!

  5. It looks amazing. I love how bright and clean it is. I can't wait to see the finished result. Beautiful.

  6. Looks so awesome!! i was wondering if you are renting or did you buy? I ask because I have such a problem making rentals my own so if you are renting, it's great inspiration for me! not to mention, motivating!!

    1. Hello! We are actually renting! We are planning to stay in this place for 3-5 years and then buy. :)

  7. you picked out a great color for paint! made the space seem bigger. and the lighting can't be more perfect! :)

  8. It's dazzling! And your sketch is really great. Can't wait to see what else you do.

  9. Oh my goodness, it looks so great..SO great!! I love the crisp colour on the walls, close to white but not it! The lighting is amazing and I ADORE the rustic feel of the table and chairs. SO GOOD!!

  10. i love the progress you have made! it inspires me! i was thinking about painting my living room a light grey/white/blue mixture but couldn't picture it with my 45-year-old leather couch and chair. now i have an idea, thanks! you do a great job at decorating. so excited for you!

  11. I love love love seeing the 'in progress' posts -- as much as I love seeing the finished room It's even better when I know how you got the look! :)

  12. It looks so fresh! I love the light fixture so beautiful

  13. Everything looks AMAZING!! Those chairs are awesome - I lovelove World Market. :)


    I have decided that these need to be added to your table. I saw them and instantly thought of you!

  15. Absolutely love this series and your ideas, it looks like you'll the dream home! Definitely a new follower here.

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  16. Wow! What a difference! I love what you've done with the place. So fresh and crisp and inviting.- Just found you today from Jenny's blog, and it's so very nice to "meet" you :-)

  17. wow this is lovely!