Tuesday, August 07, 2012


My hair is refreshed and fiery! I get a lot of questions about what I use for color and for the past 5-6 colorings, I've switched between Garnier Fructis: Light Intense Auburn and Medium Intense Auburn. My hair takes to color really well, so I'm usually refreshing my color every 2-3 months when my roots are showing. :) I try and style my hair with the least amount of product as possible, I've found that the more gentle I am with my curls, the better they behave.

This has been the summer of maxi skirts. I. Love. Maxi Skirts. I also like turning maxi dresses into skirts so I can wear them with more outfits. They are cool and breezy, but still warm enough in the freezing air conditioning in Atlanta. I'm loving this steal blue//purple skirt I scored at Forever21 for under $15.00!

The lovely Laura made me a new pair of leather earrings! I wear this pair all the time, so it was exciting to get another similar pair to boho up my wardrobe. :)

Top ---> Bottom 
* Green Leather Earrings - c/o Roots & Feathers
* Gold Top - Forever21
* Maxi Skirt - Forever21
* Electric Blue Pumps - Vintage
* Gold Sparkle Ring - Gifted
* Blue Stone Ring - Forever21
* Fox Ring - Borrowed from sister


  1. Girl you are looking fierce! I love it! I am so glad your hair turned out fiery red like you wanted and I didn't screw anything up =) Love you!

    1. GIRL. You are fierce. Thank you again for dying it for me! You are the best. :)

  2. savannah, those earrings look killer with your fiery red hair! the perfect color combo!!! yes yes yes. and you look so pretty without eyeliner too! i think im just used to seeing you with darker eye makeup, these photos really gave you a different look. love them both!!

    1. Thank you Laura! I love them so much. You do beautiful work as always! -- And thank you!! I've been playing around with less eye make-up lately. It's a fun change AND easier in the mornings. :)

  3. Anonymous7.8.12

    LOVE this outfit! Your hair is so pretty!

  4. I have been living in maxi skirts this summer! Not only because they are adorable and comfortable, but also because they are so versatile with my expanding baby bump. ;P I went from owning none to 6 within 2 months.

    Very cute outfit! And I definitely love the hair color. I think you and I have very similar hair texture. My hair does pretty well when I just put some leave-in conditioner in and let it mostly air-dry, which is perfect in the mornings when I wake up late! Haha

  5. I really like Garnier Fructis hair dye because I tried an auburn in another brand (it was a good brand just not for color) and the color was not nearly as intense as the GF and faded quickly even when I used the shampoo for color treated hair. I love the gold and different shades of blue :)

    xo Amber P.

  6. I totally love your hair

  7. great outfit. love the earrings! And I love how vibrant your hair is! This is the color I'm going for, but the maintenance is just nuts... mine gets dull a week or so after dyeing it :/
    Oh, My

  8. LOVE you hair color! I tried out red hair myself recently and I loved it. And the earrings are lovely!

  9. I have said this before but I seriously love your hair and hair color. So fun.

    I WISH I could do this red, but I just am not that brave...meaning I am afraid of roots and I just couldn't keep it up. Plus it might be to much for my thick crazy mop head. But maybe someday.

  10. What beautiful photos, Savannah.
    I truly LOVE your red hair and it is so you. Glad you found the perfect color.

  11. you look like a doll! love the the gold and turquoise combo. stunning! :)

  12. I really adore this outfit. Your hair is GORG. And you look lovely.

  13. I love how most of your outfit is neutrals but then there's a quick infusion of color with the shoes, earrings and hair

  14. loooovely! wow your hair! beautiful.