Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I'm a huge fan of make-up. I really started enjoying all of the fun colors and variety during my senior year in high-school and got more and more into it during college. If you knew me in college, you might have noticed me for my sometimes wild eye make-up. That was the time I discovered the wonder of Urban Decay make-up-- my most favorite brand--and began wearing all of their fantastic colors. I LOVED color and still do, but after graduation, my style started going towards a more grown up look and I started loving the look of neutrals with pops of lip color.

I have a huge collection of make-up, especially eye shadow from Urban Decay. Although I don't wear 3/4th of the colors I have, I don't think I could part with my collection. ;) While learning about make-up and trying as many different types as I could get my hands on, I came across some of my most favorite products, and in my opinion some of the best around! Here is a peek into my make-up bag favorites and must haves!

1// Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer - THIS is my all-time favorite product. I started using primer potion in college and haven't stopped. Urban makes an incredible potion and each bottle usually lasts me anywhere around 4 months. I dab a little on my eye lids after applying foundation and before applying any eye make-up. Not only goes it help make shadow pigments richer, but it keeps your eye make-up on FOREVER. It doesn't crease and it looks beautiful all day. I love this stuff and highly recommend it. Worth every penny.

2// L'Oreal Telescopic Liquid Eye-Liner - I've always been a huge fan of liquid liner. It took a lot of practice at first to get it right, but I love the rich solid look liquid liner gives. When I wear liquid, I usually do a cat eye look and this really helps me be precise. I like this brand because it stays better than most other brands I've tried and it lasts for a long time without getting gloppy.

3// Urban Decay Super Saturated High-Gloss Lip Color - If you are looking for a pop of color on your lips, this stuff is great and bright! I have it in F-Bomb and really love the bright red shade. It has a lot of moisture in it and feels really good on. I don't usually recommend Urban's lip color, but these are great!

4// Bare Minerals Foundation - I started using Bare Minerals later in college and LOVE it. Before that, I never wore any type of foundation because I struggled a lot with acne and didn't want to clog my pores. I would only wear concealer. I started wearing the matte foundation and mineral veil and love how light it feels. It also has great coverage and hasn't clogged my pores.

5// Urban Decay Naked Eye Palette - Out of all the Urban eye palette's I own, this one is by far the very best. Especially if you like natural and sun-kissed colors. This palette set is perfect and I've used it everyday for almost a year. I personally think Urban has the best eyeshadows ever on the face of the planet, but they really outdid themselves with this one. I don't have Naked II, but I might try that one out once I finish this one!

6// Essie Nail Polish in Lollipop - I recently started using Essie this year and have really loved the quality of the nail polish, as well as their selection of unique colors. I purchased Lollipop a few months ago and it's been my go-to nail color ever since. It's the perfect bright red color for a classic look.

7// Maybelline Great Lash - Always. This is my most trusted brand of mascara. It always works great and gives great length to my lashes. I've tried TONS of mascara's and I always go back to this brand.

8// American Apparel Nail Lacquer in Mannequin - American Apparel is my second most favorite brand of nail polish. This lovely nude color is beautiful and one of my favorites.

9// Poppy King for J. Crew Lip Color - A dear friend of mine gave this lipstick to me as a gift recently and I love it. It's a great lipstick and a beautiful color. I love a bright lips and this matted color is gorgeous.

10// Kat Von D Eye Brushes - Quality brushes are just as important as quality make-up! This eye brush set is marvelous and has a great variety of sizes to really contour and shade your eyes.

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What are your favorite make-up recommendations?? I'm still on the hunt for the perfect blush, gel liner, lip stain, and face brushes if you have any suggestions!


  1. Anonymous22.8.12

    I'm not a make-up person at all. It's actually kind of bad. I value the quality and construction of clothes but could care less about my make-up. With that said, I have to give my only opinion - drug stores do have good make-up! Seriously. The yesteryear days of drug store make up is no longer true. You can definitely get chic make up on the cheap these days

    1. Yes!! I totally agree! I've found some great drug store make-up! I'm a big fan of revlon products, especially their lipstick. :)

  2. These are great! thanks. I too love Urban Decay and I use that primer potion. It's magical.

  3. I love Urban Decay even if I don't have anything from them yet! :( I recently got us a big box of make-up from e.l.f. so I am so excited to try everything! I still love wild eyeshadow. ;) You and Jen use the exact same mascara, she's not even interested in trying another brand/type!!!

  4. Do you have a make-up tutorial? I'd love to see your daily routine!

    1. I don't!! But I will consider putting a post together like that soon! :)

  5. I love Jane Iredale for blush and bronzer. the blush is called Tawny (a peach one) and the bronzer is called bronzer. : ) for cheek stains i love benefit and tarte. Benefit stays forever but is a little hard to blend. You have to be quick. Tarte is a gel stck stain and it is just wonderful. Neither of those stains work too well on the lips.... Sometimes i use the benefit as a base under some other balm....