Thursday, February 28, 2013


1// Whole Living Magazine - I love this magazine. It's one of my all-time favorites. It's important to stay inspired to be healthy and do good things for yourself. I like to just keep this magazine by my side all day for a little light reading here and there. ;)

2// Kate Moss Lipstick - I'm always on the hunt for great lipstick. I picked up a couple tubes of Rimmel's Kate Moss lipstick to try out and was pleasantly surprised, especially by the slight berry scent. I could get used to lipsticks smelling like something other than wax and...beans. ?

3// Warby Parker - It's no secret that I truly love Warby Parker. I recently went to the eye doctor after 5 YEARS of not going. What? Anyway, I need some new frames so I can see better! I ordered a new box of home try-ons and it just reminded me of how much I love that fact that you can try on a couple pairs in the comfort of your home for free, think on it, get a couple opinions and then order the ones you like! I might need some help deciding which ones to pick!

4// Thomas O'Brien for Target Sheets - Jon and I recently bought a new sheet set for our bed. It's amazing how a new set of sheets can make your bed feel luxurious and fancy. We were just saying this morning how cozy our bed is. Love me some new sheets.

What are your February favorites??


  1. I might start carrying inspiring magazines around, I currently have Vogue in my bag and all that encourages me to do is spend! I love the feeling of new sheets xx

  2. Whole Living is my favorite magazine!! But sadly, I just found out it will no longer be printed. RIP Whole Living :(

  3. I have kate moss lipstick too and its awesome! perfect touch to any outfit

  4. Ah I know what you mean about new sheets!

    Amanda Rose

  5. I also adore whole living and was heart broken to learn this week it's being canceled . So sad !