Friday, March 01, 2013


I am SO excited to announce that Jenny and I have officially launched the Maiedae Mixer website and we are now selling tickets for the event!! If you are a blogger/creative business owner, this is the event for you! It's a time to dress up, put on your best shoes, meet new people, and have an evening you will truly remember! To get all of the information about the Mixer and purchase your tickets, CLICK HERE! Also, we will only be selling 50 don't delay in buying yours!

We can't wait to meet you and have an amazing party! If you are planning to attend or have any questions let us know by using #maiedaemixer on Twitter. Now go! Buy your ticket!! :)


  1. I'm so excited for your BIG event! I am hoping that I will be able to attend, it's going to be amazing - will be making plans soon :)

    xx Ashleigh

  2. This sounds so amazing and I would absolutely love to be a part of it. (and it's only 4 hours from home, which is the closest I'll probably ever get to one of these!) Sadly I'm on a strict pre-wedding and honeymoon budget, but I hope to work something out and be able to purchase a ticket! If not, I hope it turns out wonderfully.

    Be Like The Fox

  3. I was really looking forward to purchasing my ticket, especially since I got paid today, but since my family and I are planning to move out... I have to save every last penny I have. I'm crazy bummed out! I was so excited to go. I know you two ladies are gonna make one hell of a party. ;)

    xo, Adriana @ Horses of Ares.

  4. ah I wish I wasn't so far away!! I would love to be a part of this:( Can't wait to see some photos and hear how it went !

  5. so hope I can go to this, it sounds amazing!