Thursday, March 14, 2013


It's official. Google is saying goodbye to Google Reader. You can read about it here. To be honest, I've never been much of a Google Reader user myself, I started using Bloglovin' a couple years ago to follow my favorite blogs and haven't turned back. If you're looking for alternatives to Reader for your blog or to follow your favorite blogs, might I suggest setting up a Bloglovin' account? It has a simple and clean interface, it's easy to organize all of your favorite blogs, easy to like your favorite posts and explore new bloggers. I also love the app design for the iphone and tablet.

I realize that you can use Google Reader for more than just following blogs so another great site to check out is Feedly. They also have a stunning interface that has a great editorial feel. You can follow blogs, sites and anything you love, PLUS you can also catagorize it. I think I'll be using both from here on out. :)

Be sure to change your subscriptions over by July 1st! AND you can follow my blog on Bloglovin' here!


  1. I already follow your blog on Bloglovin and I agree whole-heartedly about how easy and great it is! The best thing is the categories!! I feel like I can never miss of post of my truly favorite blogs because it's all right there and I don't have to glance through a reading list and hope I catch a post! =) Bye Google Reader, sorry to say I won't miss you! =)

  2. I love Google Reader, this is so sad. I've loved having everything right there when I login to blogger, but this will definitely help me to actually take the time to switch everything over to Bloglovin and really start exploring the site!

    Chelsea @ How I Dwell Now

  3. I transferred you from my Reader over to Bloglovin'. I'm sad to see it go because I use it every day, but I'm grateful to have Bloglovin'!

  4. I think i need to read into this reader thing. I don't think i've got to grips with it yet.
    This post has definitely got me thinking, thanks!


  5. Amazing picture! And great post:)

  6. Anonymous15.3.13

    I was so confused when the icon popped up yesterday announcing Google Reader's closure."What am I going to do?" is what I thought. I think Bloglovin is calling my name.

  7. I wonder: does it affect our blogger's dashboard?

  8. I just made the jump to bloglovin' I like the ability to organize all my blogs into categories but I'm not crazy about the iphone/ipad app:/

  9. Hi! I'm form Basque Country and I read your blog from months ago!I like so much!
    To read the blogs I use from years ago, and I think is a good web to follow blogs, flickrs,web updates... and you can see the updates from that page, you don't need to go to the blogs page.
    Sorry for my english!