Sunday, March 03, 2013


This week, I wrapped up my first full week of working for Maiedae full-time! It's been such an adventure so far. I've been having a lot of conversations with my friend Leah, who also works for Maiedae and is a full-time author, about working for yourself full-time and finding a balance...especially if you are a difficult "boss" to yourself. ;) I've enjoyed the learnings so far and it's been fun to tweak things each day and week to really try and figure out what type of schedule will work best. The adventure continues tomorrow!

This was also a special weekend because a big group of us got to celebrate Leah at her first book signing! She has published two books since going full-time last May and has accomplished so much! We also held an "after-party" for her and had so much fun celebrating her success. I just LOVE seeing people chase after what they truly love and making things happen! :)

Snapshot(s) of the Week: 1// Bagel snack. We are a big fan of Everything bagels in the Wallace household. 2// I've been developing a huge thing for black and white photography lately. I think it's the contrast that I love so much. 3// Leah at Barnes and Noble during her book signing!! You go girl! 4// Went a little earring happy at Forever21.

4 Favorite Posts:
* Let's Talk About Emails... by Thriftary
* Benefit Cosmetics: Dream Jobs by Design Love Fest 
* Peek Into My Space by Flashes of Style
* Welcome + Tickets Now on Sale! by The Maiedae Mixer

Inspiring Me This Week: Developing a balanced schedule for yourself during this time has been super inspiring to me. I really want to be able to take advantage of this new time I've been given back and time I spend working on Maiedae. If you have any good resources for scheduling and working for yourself full-time, I would love to hear them!

3 Things About Yours Truly:
* My favorite scents are coconut, peach, and cotton candy.
* When I was little I loved collecting pogs and Disney trading cards. My favorites were Pocahontas and Lion King!
* Jenny and I are so excited to be going to Alt Summit NYC this June!! It will be my first time visiting New York.


  1. I bought those gold earrings too :). Congrats on your first full week of being self employed!

  2. I have those same yellow/green flower plates! :)

  3. I too love B/W photography..

  4. I had no idea the Alt NYC tickets would sell out so fast!!! So jealous!! =)

    Congrats to your friend Leah on her book signing!! =)


  5. Can't wait to hear more about your adventures in working for yourself! I have no idea what it takes and would love some insight!

  6. Sounds like you had a lovely week! It sounds so thrilling to be able to do blogging + your business full time :)
    Oh, and awesome earring picks! I love those black and gold ones -- so eye catching!


    Modern Buttercup

  7. You are such an inspiration when it comes to my career path! I'm deciding on whether I want to go freelance or not once I graduate and it is so refreshing to hear that it is not all hardships. I love reading your blog!


  8. Mmm.. for some reason I've been craving bagels lately. :)

  9. Oh. mahgahd. Thanks for the shout out, Savannah. You are too kind! So glad you enjoyed my rant about emails :) CANT WAIT to finally meet up in NYC for ALT! Happy Sunday's eve.

  10. I love bagels, and I also have a thing for black and white photography lately.. it's definitely the contrast that makes it special x

  11. I'm SO BUMMED I won't be able to come to the NYC Alt Summit! Argh!
    xo Moorea