Thursday, March 28, 2013


I've been getting the decorating fever. This doesn't happen all the time so I try to take full advantage of it when I can. I sat down the other day in my living room and spent some quality time sketching out my ideas, thinking through everything, and coming up with a plan for the look of the space. I'm really excited about the direction it's taking and I'm looking forward to applying my learning from the dining room to this space. Here is an inspiration board that represents an overall look I'm going for, neutral/metallic colors, patterns, and little details:

I really love the neutrals and the addition of the metallics. I'm not afraid to mix and match colors that wouldn't normally go together. I kinda love the simple, cozy feel it gives off. If I decide to change my mind about colors, I can always re-adjust my textiles. I think pops of statement colors are beautiful and I'm still trying to figure out what that color will be for this space. I've thought about peach and blue, but I'm not sure yet. :) I'm also still on the fence about the pattern I want for my wallpaper wall and if I'm going to paint the fireplace white. I think those pieces might be added/decided later. :)

Today I'm planning on finally hanging our curtains! When we first moved in, we left the windows uncovered. We face a wooded area, but over time got a little creeped out about being a fishbowl and so we decided to nail sheets to the windows. ;) My curtains came in yesterday and I can't wait to get them up! These are the first "patterned" curtains that I've really loved. I think they will flow well from the dining room, too. Progress!

1// White Fireplace 2// Triangle Curtains 3// Chair 4// Pillow 5// Skull 6// Cowhide Rug 7// Living Room 8// Magazine Holder 9// Living Room 10// Camel Couch 

See my living room Pinterest board here!

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