Tuesday, March 05, 2013


1// Eau Roma Toner Water by Lush - I've never been one to use toner water, but I've been using this toner for the past couple months and love how it makes my skin feel fresh and alive in the morning. I like mixing it with my moisturizer or just spritzing it on my face when it's feeling a little bleh. It's made with rose and lavender, so it's a very fresh, subtle smell. It also helps keep skin moisturized, which is a huge plus!

2// Dream Matte Powder by Maybelline - I've been trying this product for about a week now, but I'm really impressed so far about it's quality and the look it gives my skin. I'm suuuppper fair, so I get really intimidated about finding foundation and powders that match my skin tone. This powder matched my skin tone perfectly and is great for setting foundation or wearing alone.

3// Facial Towelettes by Yes to Cucumbers - I think I'm already on my 4th pack of these! These facial cloths are hypoallergenic, natural and GREAT for getting off your make-up and cleansing your face. During my nighttime routine, I usually use this paired with a cleanser/scrub and follow up with a moisturizer. However, we all know there are those nights when you can't get to bed fast enough and I've found myself just using these to clear off my face. I love how fresh they smell without being too overwhelming and that they're gentle enough to get the make-up off of my eyes. Forever fan!

4// Foundation Primer by Bare Minerals - I never thought much about using a foundation primer but after trying this out a couple times, I noticed a HUGE difference in the lasting power of my foundation. The product feels silky smooth and goes on really easily, a little goes a long way! I wouldn't use this product on a daily basis but it's great for the days or nights when you need your make-up to last a long time.

5// Peach Kiss Baby Lips by Maybelline - LOVE! I've tried a couple different flavors and I love the peach kiss. It leaves a slight shimmer on your lips and smells delicious. Baby Lips is also known for their moisturizing and renewing qualities. While I haven't noticed a huge difference in the "quality" of my lips, I do love the way it feels when it's on. :)

6// Beauty Blender - My sister introduced this product to me this week. At first, I was really confused by it, but she explained it to me and gave me one of hers to try and I really love it! It's used to apply an even coverage of your foundation. Although a little cheesy, check out this quick tutorial on how to use the Beauty Blender.

7// All in One by Essie - My nails have been in need of a little TLC, especially since trying out "shellac" nail polish. I bought this all in one, top coat, base coat and nail strengthener by Essie to help revive my nails. I'm a big fan of the "three-in-one" type of products and thought it did really well making my nails look loads better after getting damaged. I think the idea of using a base and top coat for your nails is great because although it takes a little bit of extra time, it really does help in making your polish last longer.

8// Colorstay Eyeliner by Revlon - This is currently my favorite eye-liner of all time. I've always been a big fan of the liquid liner look but had a hard time being precise with most liquid liners. This liner is almost like a felt-tip pen. It's super easy to apply, lasts very well throughout the day, and as a product, has been working great for the past couple months.

9// Naked Eye Pallet by Urban Decay - This is a more popular eye pallet with good reason! The selection of natural colors are beautiful. I use these colors everyday and am almost due to get a new pallet! I'm actually very interested in trying out the Naked Essentials pallet next!

10// Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick by Rimmel - I mentioned this in my "February Favorites" post, but I thought it was worth another mention. This lipstick is very affordable, goes on matte and actually smells really good. I like the way it feels throughout the day. I bought a really rich red color and I'm thinking about going back and trying a nude tone.

What are some of your current favorite beauty products?? :)


  1. LOVE baby lips by maybelline. i've actually been using it for over a year. youre' right...it smells delicious!

    i'm looking for a good powder so i'll have to check out the one you mentioned!

    xo, megan


  2. I've been tempted to try the beauty blender myself... you may have just convinced me with this post! :)

  3. The beauty blender is LIFE CHANGING. I'm obsessed and you get a flawless look each and every time.

    xo Jessica

  4. I love those towelettes as well! They're so smooth for your skin :)

  5. My current favorites are the l'oréal telescopic mascara, Maybelline master precise liquid eyeliner and also the kate moss lipsticks!! :D these are products I use every day. My favorite cleanser is the liz earle cleanse and polish!! I also used the Yes to face wipes and they are great!! :D

    xx Love, Saar

  6. I love Lush's toner water too, it makes my skin feel so fresh! I bought one of the Kate Moss lipsticks at Target the other day in a rich orange color and am loving it so much. By far one of my favorite shades of all time. And of course I couldnt live without my baby lips! ;) I think I might try out the beauty blender, I've been using a foundation brush but I like to switch it up from time to time.

    xx Ashleigh

  7. I was literally smoothing on that exact Baby Lips as I opened up your blog. Coincidence! I've been dying to try the Kate Moss lipsticks for Rimmel...maybe when I go for a spring shopping trip, I'll grab a few :)
    Currently though, I'm in love with my NYX lipgloss in Tea Rose.


  8. I'm definitely going to try Baby Lips. And I just ordered a beauty blender. Can't wait to try it!

  9. I've been wanting to try out that eyeshadow palette for a long time now! =)

  10. Great post and thanks for sharing this!
    I recently also discovered primer and I totally agree with you,as it makes your make-up stay on longer!