Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Today, I am SO excited to finally be writing this post! One of the most frequently asked questions I get is about my hair color, what I use, and maintenance questions. I've been wanting to start incorporating video more into my blog series and thought the first topic I would tackle is red hair! I've started a channel on YouTube where I will be featuring all of my new videos so feel free to subscribe to me here! The first series of videos I will be doing is on beauty. This series is set up to be a "girl talk" setting. I always love watching beauty videos where I feel like I'm going over to a friend's house and talking about fashion and favorite products. I have lots of exciting topics planned and can't wait to start regularly sharing videos with you! I have a couple more video series planned for this year, so be on the lookout!

Watch the video below, or check out my channel on YouTube to get my hair color story, a review on some of my favorite products, tips for keeping your hair vibrant, and what hair color I use. If there are any questions that I didn't address in this video, please feel free to leave a comment below or directly on my Channel and I'll be happy to answer them!

Thanks so much for watching! I had a blast shooting it and I can't wait to share more. I think my next video will be a review on some of my favorite Lush products. I'm also planning on sharing a video about having curly hair! If you have any other topics you would like me to cover please let me know. :)

Have a wonderful week, friends!


  1. I loved this video and I don't even have red hair haha. You are so cute!

  2. Ah I love this! I decided early on in life that I wanted to be a ginger and couldn't live my life any other way. I died it over a year and half ago and I love it. I've been looking for the right condition (and I already cook EVERYTHING in coconut oil) so now I know! Thank you so much!

  3. I don't have red hair either, but I still love it! I especially love your little intro.

    Amanda Rose

  4. I always find your articles super inspiring and adorable and this video tops them all, I love it!

  5. Awesome! I've been a redhead for about a year (although it was also the first colour I dyed my hair when I was 13). I use Chi Organics tinted conditioner for red hair about once a week and it's great. It keeps it vibrant right until I dye it again. I'm really curious about that oil hair dye...

  6. Crazy about this video, Savannah! You need to be doing this on the regular...for realsies! xx


  7. this is great, wish i'd seen it when i was a redhead! i'm making the move back to brunette...i LOVE your hair color though!

  8. I have red hair and love it! I use Medium Intense Auburn on my naturally dark brown (almost black) hair. It works great. It's not nearly as bold on me as you, but it sure looks wonderful when it catches the light like a fun surprise! I'll keep your tips in mind to prevent fading. I usually end up redying everything to bring back that spark.

    Also, super excited that you were able to go full time! I'm slowly starting to cut back my own hours to take on my dream job! www.agirlnamedkatie.com

  9. This was fabulous. You were so helpful and personable! My ruby hair thanks you :)

    P.S. Stoked to hear if Olia works for you!

  10. You are completely adorable! I enjoyed this video a lot. I just paid to have my hair Rachel (friends) red and it's already gone. bummer. I'll be using these tips next time for sure!

  11. you are ADORABLE. <3

  12. Hi Savannah, I've been reading your blog for a few months and I absolutely enjoy every bit of it. You're such a lovely person and I'm happy to be following along! I love all your great insights and tips! I also love that you're doing vlogs. It really helps to feel more connected to a blogger when you can hear their voice and see them on video. Maybe i'll be brave enough to start vlogging myself one day. We'll see ;). Thanks for all you share!! Come see me sometime!

  13. Oh so red. Ooh la la.

  14. Haha, I use the same dye, heat protector, and conditioner. The dye is definitely the best red I've found. I'm really interested in how the oil base dye turns out.

    I love your video, definitely gave me the feeling that I was listening to a friend's tips. Awesome!


  15. Love your video & your hair! What program did you use to edit this? I've been thinking of making a video myself :)


    1. I edited it in Photoshop CS6. :) I actually took blogshop video to learn how to do it: http://iheartblogshop.com

  16. Anonymous13.3.13

    i used to dye my hair the exact same color yours is now when i was in high school - my fiance's mom is a hairstylist. i LOVED it that color, but the past few years i've been letting it go back to my natural auburn color for my wedding per the request of everyone around me. haha. i'm thinking of coloring it and chopping it all off after the wedding though!


  17. Anonymous14.3.13

    Great video - nice to hear what other products people are using. I feel a hair dye coming on over here and haven't picked what's going to be next, but red is definitely in the running. Also, I'm all about the boxes colors as well - maybe it's the thick curly hair thing, but I feel like my hair absorbs that color well enough for me too. Excited for your curly hair video next :) Have a great day!!

  18. I really really like your video!
    You are such a nice person to listen to.
    I hope you will make more videos like this! YAY! ^^

    XX Love , Saar