Saturday, March 30, 2013


I saw the beautiful Chelsea of Tea Talk post a "5 Things" feature on her blog today and I'd thought I'd take a little time to put one together for myself. :) It's been such a restful weekend so far. We've made a little progress on some home decorating projects and boy did we sleep in! I've been in the blogging mood and knew this would be perfect for today.

1. I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. It all started in middle school. I made a "critter sitting" business with my neighbor. We made a logo, printed flyers, and even put together a little make-shift office in her basement. We watched the neighborhood pets and put all of the cash we made in a plastic safe. I also had a little nail painting business run out of my room. I turned a desk into a mini nail salon and some of the moms I knew would come over and let me paint their nails. I loved it! I even went as far as dressing up like a clown and selling handmade crafts (mostly made out of popsicle sticks) at our garage sales. ;) In high school I focused more on babysitting and actually designed templates for Xanga, yeah you heard that right. ;) It's seriously no surprise that I ended up co-owning my own business. I am so in love with what I do and so thankful to have such an amazing business partner!

2. I severely dislike ET. I saw the movie at some point when I was little and was forever traumatized. I remember having nightmares throughout my childhood of the nasty thing. Creepy ones, too, like holding my baby brother in a blanket and looking down to find that he turned into ET and dropping him in a crack that led to the middle of the earth. Sorry, Ian! I think Jerry Seinfeld even made an appearance in one of my ET dreams. I eventually grew out of my fear, BUT I won't watch the movie and every once in awhile when I think about the way he moves, and how his neck gives me the creeps!

3. Some of the serious careers I wanted to have growing up were: a nail salon owner, storm chaser, marine biologist, coffee shop owner, olympic gymnast, and a chemist. I didn't realize until my freshman year of college, after a full semester of pursuing a chemistry degree, with the intention of going into something like forensics that I wanted to be a designer. Funny how things change!

4. Some of my secret old hobbies that you might not know about include writing poetry (i can't even), playing the guitar, collaging entire walls with magazine photographs, making Starburst wrapper necklaces and other brightly beaded things, and drawing portraits of people with my eyes closed (they actually came out strangely good). I think I was just drawn to exploring creative things when I was a kid. I loved being creative but had to dabble in a lot of different things to figure out what I really loved.

5. I've known my husband for 9 years. We met when we were 15 and started dating offically on January 10, 2005. He was my first boyfriend. Exactly one month after we started dating, we had our first kiss. I love that we have grown-up together. We have so much history and have seen each other change and grow in so many ways. We were itching to get married after high school but decided to wait until after college so we could focus and really enjoy our experience without the added pressure of marriage. As well, we were involved in a leadership program throughout our 4 years that required you not to be married. With that, we wasted no time after graduating college and got married 1 week after graduation. This May we will be celebrating 3 years of marriage! Boy do I love me some Jon!

I'd like to tag my business partner, Jenny, Maddie of Thritary, Leah of Unearthing Words, Moorea Seal and Gina of Hello There Home. AND anyone else who would like to join in! Be sure to include your link in the comment section so I can read yours. :)

Happy weekend and happy Easter!!

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