Friday, January 28, 2011

Blog Love & Other Courses of Note

About two months ago, I decided to invest in Elsie's blog love e-course and gain insight from her successful experiences as a creative blogger. I spent time taking the full course, writing out notes, and reshaping her challenges and suggestions to fit my blog.

At the time, I was really trying to "rev-up" my little baby MaieDae blog and work on developing a game plan, goals, and consistent growth. Speaking from personal experience, this tool was definitely one of the things that really motivated and inspired me to keep up with blogging and really make a place that I feel "at-home". If you are any type of beginner blogger, creative or not, and are looking for some of the how-to's of blogging, I definitly recommend taking this course. Lots of fun, super helpful, and insightful!

A couple other courses of note (I have not taken these yet, but I am eying them real hard!) :

For a crafty course - Modern Patchwork by Rachel Dendow of Smile & Wave

I am really excited about indie business 3.0! I have heard a lot of great feedback from LA's previous business courses and I am always up for some good ol' business development!

Got any good e-courses you are taking? Or suggestions?? Please share!


  1. Anonymous29.1.11

    I should take one of these e-courses myself, I really think it would be a good start up for my blog. thanks for sharing. :)

  2. i took elsie's course too. so far i have just read thru it, but i'm going to go back thru and do the exercises. i'm excited. you have a wonderful blog!

  3. I'm so tempted to buy Blog Love...