Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fancy Shmancy: A Tuesday Collection of Favorite Things 1.11.11

I am seriously oogling over this Shmancy list this week. I cannot wait to share! PLUS, in case you have not heard...there is a special announcement!

Winking Wisecracker Cookie Jar
Lacework Duvet Cover
Clark Distressed Boots
Color Study Locket by Verabel

Did you hear?! They announced today that the iPhone 4 will be released to Verizon in February!

Darling Coat by Tulle

LOVE this Jo Totes Camera Bag

Pastel Latte Bowls
Hand Embroidered Constellation by MiniatureRhino

First of all, I am SUPER excited that they are releasing the iPhone4 to Verizon. I have been waiting for this moment since my old iPhone took a dive onto the pavement and we switched over to Verizon after we got married. Yay! Did you see that camera bag? Is it not darling? I carry a lot of stuff around with me, including my camera(s), notebook, giant wallet, markers etc...and this looks like a great organized (key!) solution. Saving my pennies now!


  1. LOOVE that camera bag! it's stylish and functional all in one!!

  2. Love the cookie jar a bit too much!!! Great post x

  3. oh my goodness..i WANT that owl jar.
    but will def. be waiting for it to go on sale..
    i only buy stuff from Anthro if its on sale! :) soooo expensive!!

  4. The owl and bowls are ADORABLE! I look forward to Fancy Shmancy every Tuesday because of adorable goodies like them =)

  5. Oh, that cookie jar is just darling! Love owls, so it would be perfect!!
    Have a great day!

  6. I have the joTotes bag! It was one of my favorite Christmas presents and has become my go-to bag even when I'm not carrying my cameras :)

  7. #1. I LOVE that cookie jar. OK, actually this whole list. ;)
    #2. I want a Jo Tote so bad!! I carry tons (literally?) of stuff with me everyday, too so a big bag is a must!
    #3. Hooray! about the Verizon iPhone! Its being released to Verizon customers on Feb. 4...the day after my birthday. I'm thinking that should *definitely* be one of my birthday presents???


  8. I need that locket. Like, now.
    And yay for getting an iphone again! I couldn't live without mine.

  9. Oh my gosh!!!That cookie jar.....dying!!