Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Love My JoTote!

For Christmas, my husband and family got together and bought me a Nikon camera. I have only had it nearly a month and I have used it every single day. I absolutely love it! I wanted to make sure I had a good place to keep it safe when I go out, so I did some research and found an amazing shop called, JoTotes that sells camera bags//purses.

I always get a little nervous making a big purchase online, but I went with it and was so excited to receive my package only a couple of days later. The purse was even more gorgeous in person. It is very sturdy and I love the option of having an over the shoulder long strap or short strap.

Here is a peek at my little beauty:

Ok so, sturdy? check. Gorgeous color? check! Different strap options? check!! But that is not even my favorite part. Each purse comes with four padded dividers that you can customize and move around in your bag to make everything fit perfectly and safely. Currently, I carry around two cameras, my large Moleskine, wallet, glasses case, lip-wear, pens etc. and it all fits perfectly without being too heavy at all. It is also completely organized so my husband does not give me a look of horror when I ask for something out of my bag! 


  1. I love those bags and have been curious how they were in real life, so thanks for this post. Glad to see that you love it - now I want one even more! :)

  2. ooh adore! Thanks so much for posting on this so now I am aware of adorable camera bags! :)gina

  3. I will buy one of these beauties's very practical!!!It fits perfect on you...xe!!!!

  4. LOVE! i need me one of those! have i told you i am in love with your shop? i am in love with your shop :)

  5. Anonymous27.1.11

    I have just LOVED following your site. You even made me brave enough to start an inspiration-type blog myself! I found this Etsy site with gorgeous prints to buy and I thought it might be something you'd like ( Keep passing on the great ideas, sites and creative genius!

    -laura means

  6. aw man! i love it - its so perfect! love the color too.