Monday, January 24, 2011

Inspiration for Your Nest: Vintage Dishware

I am am totally inspired by these gorgeous vintage dishware collections and displays. I love all of the bright candy colors. SO Handsome!

A display of Cups n' Mugs
A Cloud of Dishes
Elsie's Beautiful Mess
I'll take two of each!
Flour + Tea
Jar + Pyrex
Do I feel another collection coming on?


  1. Love it so much! I've got an awesome collection of Anthro and vintage dish-ware but with no room to display it. I need to move! haha

  2. I love the plates on the wall! I have a bunch of random plates from when I worked at Anthro and I always wondered what I could do with them (besides stack them on glass shelves), but when we move and get more room on the walls, I'm definitely going to try out the plates!

    Thanks for the inspiration :)

  3. Oh, they're all so pretty! I think the bottom one, with the chalkboard wall, is my favorite!!


  4. hi there! i'm stopping by from pie in the sky. love your blog and shop. nice to meet ya. beautiful stuff!

  5. Ah, those plates and bowls are to die for! Want.

    Lovely blog :)

  6. I love this! I love when people are able to completely make random things so beautiful together. I would love to have my next "set" of dishware be eclectic, original, vintage and different pieces. Found you from pie in the sky, and so glad I did. Beautiful blog!